Fun weekend =]

13 Dec

Ahh, what a nice relaxing weekend!

Came home from work to a delish meal prepared by my dad! It was kind of a celebratory dinner for my dad having gotten a new job, although I guess that would’ve worked out better if it had been someone other than my dad doing the cooking. xD We had roasted duck and steamed fish, mmm.

After dinner, my parents and I played some Chinese checkers, hahaha. I won most of the games. I’m pretty awesome at this game, if I do say so myself.

chinese checkers

Our old school Chinese checkers set, haha xD

Afterward, I retreated into my room – with a glass of warm milk and banana bread – to wrap some presents and write Christmas cards to mail to my cousins in China.

Saturday was pretty warm, so I decided to venture outside, and took a walk to the library to check out “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell.  At the library, I saw the cutest little gingerbread houses, hehe.

One of many of the gingerbread houses there!

On my way back home, I took a picture of the scenery – yes, ladies and gentlemen, I live in the middle of nowhere.

The field outside my house xD

Sat afternoon – I met up with Derek at Pacific Mall to do some Christmas shopping, then we drove midtown to Yonge & Eglinton to have dinner at Grazie Ristorante. But of course, no one made a reservation, and of course, the place was packed, so we ended up trying a Mexican restaurant across the street called Chimichanga. Ended up being almost a 2 hour wait from the time we entered the restaurant to the time we got our food. o_o The food was good, but it certainly didn’t justify the wait. And James found a metal wire in his dish (lol!) but at least got his meal for free because of it. >_<

Here are a few pix from the night:

Group pic at Chimichanga!

White Elephant Gift Exchange @ Gemma's

Fitness Ball Pool xD

Sunday was super chillax. Went to the doctor’s office to get the results from my blood test. Turns out I don’t have diabetes *rolls eyes* but since I have a family history of it, the doctor recommended that I just cut down on sugar and exercise regularly – nothing I didn’t know anyway. I guess I’ll make more of a conscious effort to stop snacking on the Christmas baking that people at work keep bringing in. :]

I made dinner for my parents that night! They don’t seem to appreciate my cooking at all. I’ll tell myself it’s b/c they don’t like non-Chinese food, haha.

Beef, vegetable, rice soup

Beef, mushroom and rice stuffed peppers

Pumpkin & cheese pasta

Carrot & pineapple bread

[hmm, I can’t make the pictures appear in a row… obviously I’m a newb. If someone knows, drop me a line]

My fam and I wrapped up the night with some Big 2. It’s good to have my mom back! She entertained us with stories from China, including one of my cousins who’s 31 and still doesn’t have a girlfriend (his parents are very alarmed, lol) and another cousin who failed at starting his own business and now has become a gangster (I mean a real life gangster) despite his parents best efforts to help him along. xD

Found my Winnie the Pooh cards! =D


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