5 of the Most Random But Useful Websites You’ll Ever Find! :]

16 Dec

1. Super Cook (www.supercook.com) – got a bunch of random things in your fridge and not sure what dishes you can make with it? Enter in your ingredients on this site and it’ll spit out a bunch of recipes you can make with it!

2. Still Tasty (stilltasty.com) – somewhere stuck in the back of your fridge is that carton of milk that expired a week ago. Is it still good? Is that jar of peanut butter that you opened half a year ago still good? If you need these kinds of questions answered, go on this site. FDA approved, it’ll tell you how long you can store foods for, and how far past the expiration date you can still consume it.

3. Visa Perks (www.visaperks.ca) – got a Visa? Who doesn’t. Did you know that you’re entitled to tons of savings from a lot of Canadian retailers if you have a Visa. Check them all out on this site!

4. Doodle (www.doodle.com) – ever tried to schedule an event so that all your friends can make it, then you get 20 different people screaming their availabilities at you and you’re stuck trying to find a common time for the whole group to meet? Never get stuck in that trap again. This site is very user-friendly and makes the process of selecting a date and time for social meetings, group project meetings, or any kind of meeting/event a breeze! I’ve already passed this onto a lot of my friends, and I’m sure they can attest to how convenient it is. You can even set it so that respondents can indicate which dates are “for sure”, “would rather not, but can make do” and “absolutely not”, instead of just replying yes or no. :]

5. BillsAreIn (www.billsarein.com) – brought to you by my good friend Coolin. This tool is an easy way for you and your roommate (or your friends or your family) to split bills or keep track of lending. I know a lot of my friends have roommates, so I figure this could be useful. Like the site says, perfect for any shared household! [I’ve never actually used this myself]


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