Holidays: Family Edition

29 Dec

My parents seem to have commissioned me for making food for the holiday parties they’re going to/hosting. Sigh. I would actually welcome the opportunity to spend time with them to cook together (two of my favourite things) if it weren’t for the fact that holiday cooking stresses my mom out so much that she makes working in the kitchen unbearable. Everything needs to be done to her exact specifications (which she will not tell you ahead of time) or else it needs to be redone. -__-” But since it’s the holidays, I grin and bear it… for family’s sake. =P

Samples of holiday food. xD


Dumplings are one of those things that never appear in my house except for during the holidays

Karaoke/dinner party @ our house

Food makes everything better. xD

Christmas has always been family-time for me. During this time of year, I usually try to spend as much time with the fam as possible, no matter what it takes. This feat has traditionally been difficult for me, since  I don’t get along with my mom, but I notice that year on year, it gets better. A little birdie has taught me how to be patient, understanding, and compassionate over the past few years, so I’ve become a lot more accepting of my family’s peculiarities. This has been a particularly unkind year for my family, as my close friends will know. But now, with my dad’s new job, my mom’s slow and unsure recovery, and my new single-girl swag, I’m hoping that 2010 has better things in store for us.

Happy holidays, from the Jiang family. And yes, this is the most festive pic I could take of us, haha. =]


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