Holidays: Friends Edition

29 Dec

Well, my holidays this year was pretty eventful with the usual gatherings with family and friends, filled with the things I hate to love and love to hate.

First, I got my nails ready for the holidays, lolz.

Christmas nails 🙂

Then, I attempted to wrap my presents, only to find, thereafter, that I couldn’t remember which present was which anymore, so I had to unwrap them. -__-”

unwrapping mess >_<

Oh well, at least I got my Christmas shopping done early this time, so no last-minute frantic mall-hopping for me this season!

I got together with my best buds for an F4 Xmas. Fun times were had.

We watched The Proposal (surprisingly good, with just the right amount of humour and romance that wasn’t overcheesed) and Julie & Julia, and then we attempted to make Julia’s boeuf bournignon the day after. Success! 😀

Julia Child's Boeuf Bournignon, yumm

Later that day, I got dumped by my bf of 3 years. xD

Methinks that my buds wanted to cheer me up, so we got together a few days after for skating + crepes.

Ice skating at NPS

Cafe Crepe, post-skating

Jaron happened to be in town for a week, so he joined us for the day. We finally convinced him to see Avatar with us, only to find out that the showings for the next two hours at Scotiabank Theatres was sold out. Jaron and I caught the Sherlock Holmes movie instead, which turned out to be delightful, witty, and action-packed. I’m becoming a big fan of post-rehab Robert Downey Jr. :] Jude Law and Rachel McAdams were also easy on the eyes. :]

After the movie, Jaron and I were contemplating going to Woo AYCE, but decided that the weekend dinner price wasn’t worth it. If anyone’s been, lemme know how it is! I love witty slogans, lol:

Woo! Make all your dishes come true. 🙂

We decided to go to Burger Bar (College & Yonge) instead. Interesting concept, it’s a bar and an upscale burger joint. You have a pretty wide selection of burgers to choose from, including lamb, turkey, salmon, portobello, etc. and they make all their patties fresh, and from locally grown ingredients. They also had a wide variety of burger addons to choose from, and the restaurant was fully equipped with a charming old man who served us for the first half of the meal, haha.

Me and Jaron's burgers + toppings, yummerz

After dinner, we couldn’t figure out what to do, so we decided to go to Starbucks to kill some time. I found out that Jaron had never had a cup of coffee before in his life (and this is the guy who’s lived in Seattle for the past few months)!! We asked the barista what the difference between the shared coffee press, and simply ordering two cups of coffee. She said there was absolutely no difference in size or taste, except if you order the shared coffee press, they charge you more, LOL!! Amazing. 5 minutes later, we saw a different barista at the counter and we asked him what the difference was, and he started talking about the superior aroma and richness of flavour in the shared press, hahaha.

Jaron's first Starbucks

Anyway, good conversation, ok coffee.

Me, Lucy, Lan & Linda ❤

Thanks, 3Ls for being there for me. And thanks to my friends who called to check in on me when you found out the news. I didn’t feel like talking, but I really appreciate the sentiment. ❤


One Response to “Holidays: Friends Edition”

  1. Linnda January 5, 2010 at 7:36 pm #

    hey so cool you started a blog!! Interesting reads, i’m gonna try out those breakfast recipes cuz they look delicious!

    keep the updates coming!

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