2010 for the Body, Mind & Soul

7 Jan

Ahh…  it’s that time of the year. The time for new year resolutions.  I have to say though, I tend to be pretty good with keeping up with my resolutions. Some personal goals that I met for 2009 include:

– Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night (and also pushing my bedtime earlier considerably)

– Finding a job that makes a positive change in the world (you may remember my CPG cognitive dissonance from 2009 xD)

– Good posture (I even sit on an exercise ball now to help me maintain it)

– More attentive to self-grooming (I use condition and body wash regularly now! lol)

– Stop procrastinating (I can’t explain how I managed to attain this… it just happened :P)

– Be more knowledgeable about current affairs (considering I used to get most of my news from Conan O’Brien’s opening monologue and SNL’s Weekly Updates, I would say I’ve made considerable progress)

– watch movies in genres that I would not normally watch (documentaries have caught on as my new favourite genre!)

– wrap up my 4 years of university with no regrets (looking back on it now, definitely affirmative. :))

This is how I make resolutions that stick:

1. I break it down into actionables, instead of just desired outcomes, eg. “sleep from 11pm-7am” instead of “get enough sleep”

2. I don’t focus on too many resolutions at once, I segment them by periods.

3. I try to make a game of it, try to make my resolutions fun!

At least, this way, for me, new year resolutions don’t go in one year and out the other. 😛

So I’m separating my goals for 2010 into three categories, with one in each category for each month of 2010. Sounds kind of complicated, right?

Not really… at any given time, I only have 3 goals to aim for, and I think I can handle that. 😀

I’ll publicize my goals this year, and who knows, maybe it’ll motivate you to set some for yourself this year!!!

I leave you with this quote, haha (cheesy)..

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

or woman. 🙂


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