Won an iPod touch! =D

1 Feb

w00t! I won an iPod touch from work for being the fittest person in the company, lolz. Working out pays off in more ways than one. =p

This’ll probably keep me busy for a few days… you know how long it takes me to learn technology… lol. xD

On another note, since it’s February, I’m wrapping up my set of 3 goals from January:

Jan Goals

Jan goal for the body: stretch everyday.


Since I booked a room in the office for stretching during my lunch hour 3 times a week, this was a cinch. I actually found the hardest days to keep up with stretching to be on weekends, when my busy schedule sometimes causes me to almost forget about it. But nevertheless, it didn’t allude me. =)

Jan goal for the mind: top 3 to-do list everyday.


January was extremely hectic since all my projects were due at Jan-end. This definitely helped me stay on task this month without getting overwhelmed. =)

Jan goal for the soul: find a local charity to volunteer in and a global one to donate to.

Local – didn’t get around to. =( I volunteered to organize non-profit volunteer events for the company and my boss agreed, but I haven’t had the time to do it b/c work has been so busy.

Global – well this one was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, it jumped right out at me. Donated to Unicef for Haiti relief.

Feb Goals

Looking ahead to what February has in store for me:

Feb goal for the body: 100 push ups challenge.

So I challenged my boss to see who can accomplish it first. We both had pretty much the same baserate: he could do 54, I could do 51.  I’m on Week 5 of the 6-week plan and I’m really struggling. I don’t think I’ve improved much since I started a couple of weeks ago, but I guess we’ll find out at the end… It’s a race to the finish!!!! *dramatic music*

Feb goal for the mind: write a letter in Chinese to my fam in China

Yikes… it’s gonna be tight to try to make it by CNY. Maybe I should make a video instead, lol. xD Either way, I would appreciate it if any of my fob friends would offer their assistance. =P

Feb goal for the soul: reconnect with friends

The worst side-effect of being in a relationship is the time it takes away from friends! Since I was in one for 3 years, I feel like I have a whole lotta catching up to do. I’m downtown a lot these days (Fri/weekends only) so if anyone wants to catch up, have coffee, whatnot, drop me a line!!!


One Response to “Won an iPod touch! =D”

  1. Helen February 3, 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    Hey! Congrats on winning the itouch and accomplishing a majority of your goals for January!

    Let’s grab coffee. How does this Sunday sound? Text me! =)

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