Live To Be 100: Secrets To A Long, Healthy Life

5 Feb

Researchers examine the lifestyle habits of “blue-zones”, in which the proportion of centenarians (people who live to be 100) are particularly high. In an age where people following extreme diets and struggle with intensive fitness regimens as a means to be healthy, it’s refreshing to see how the lifestyles of these people are a stark contrast.

Sardinia, Italy

– A plant-based diet.

– Durem (unlevened whole wheat) wheat-based bread as the dietary staple

– Cheese that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, as opposed to omega-6 fatty acids from corn-fed animals

– Moderate consumption of wine that has high amounts of polyphenols

– Respecting elders and cherishing them as an importanct part of society

– A lifestyle of constant, low-impact activity

Okinawa, Japan

– Also a diet high in plant-based food, full of colourful vegetables

– 8X as much tofu as Americans do

– Eat off a smaller plate

– Serve food from the kitchen counter, then bring the plate to the table to eat

– Follow the 3000 year old adage that reminds them to stop eating when the stomach is 80% full

– The social construct that everyone has a half-dozen friends with whom they travel through life; ie. the average person in Okinawa has 6 close friends, as opposed to the average person elsewhere who only has 1.5 close friends

– They master “the reason for which you wake up in the morning”, giving them a clear purpose in life

Loma Linda, California

– Follow the diet laid out by the Bible very seriously

– Stop everything for 24-hrs during Sabbath in order to unwind, relax and reconnect

– Nature walks done every week for a lifetime

– “Do-it-yourself” attitudes, rejection of the mentality that we can have convenience at our fingertips with a push of a button

– Regular volunteering

Common Denominators

1. None of them exercise. At least, not in the way we think of exercise. They set up their lives so that they’re constantly engaged in light physical activity. And when they do do intentional physical, it’s always something they enjoy.

2. They don’t overly rely on devices to convenience their lives when it can easily be done through their own physical efforts.

3. They all have regularly established “down time”.

3. They have a sense of purpose in their lives.

4. They eat wisely. Less meat-based, and more plant-based diets, and they surround themselves with wholesome, healthy foods. No culture of yo-yo/extreme dieting.

5. They belong to strong faith-based communities (not necessarily religious).

6. They proactively associate themselves with the right people. Their friends are also people who have healthy lifestyles, people who eat right and live active lifestyles.


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