Liquid Assets, Olympics & Shopping Plunders

17 Feb

My long weekend can pretty much be summed up by 3 things: CNY, Olympics and foooooooood.

Oh yes, and how could I forget, LIQUID ASSETSSSS!!!  I finally managed to show up to a Liquid Assets party – after so much flakeage 😦 – and it was sooo good to see everyone again. Oh, how I miss the days of dragonboat. xD

Passion @Reign

More fwends 🙂


The next day, I went shoe shopping with Coolin (yes, I need more gfs lol) and ended up looking for a travel thermos, begging the question:

Starbucks v. Second Cup

I ended up getting the Second Cup one because it was leak-proof and cheaper. Turns out, it’s not perfectly leak proof. =( It’s just a bit leaky if I hold onto it and jack it up and down violently, lol… which I guess isn’t reflective of anything that would happen in real life, but who knows, maybe if I put it in my purse and have a bumpy ride, coffee could spill out. I don’t know if I should exchange it or if I’m being too anal. xD

I also tried to buy a black computer backpack that I could bring to work and I was shocked to find that these things are like $100! Ahh… what happened to the good ol’ grade-school days when Jansport backpacks used to be $10 during back-to-school sales. xD

Coolin decided to give me his IBM backpack instead, since he never uses it anyway and could probably get another one from work. xD In exchange, I agreed to treat him to dinner at Guu Izakaya (@Gerrard/Church), but when we got there, there was a huuuge line up. It looked like a mini concert was gathering outside the front doors. >_< We settled for Kokyo (@ College/Yonge)… an unsatisfactory consolation prize since I ordered an all-sashimi platter for the first time, and that was just too too much sashimi… made me feel sick. x(

all smiles before the sashimi...

After dinner, we watched Up In The Air. A very good movie!! I don’t like George Clooney (well, I don’t dislike him, but he’s never really stood out to me) in general, but I quite enjoyed his character in this movie. 🙂 It had somewhat of a surprise ending, which I enjoyed as well. I shan’t say more for fear of spoilage. 🙂 Go see it!!


Onto the Olympics!!

I totally didn’t see this coming, but…

I’ve become  a HUGE fan of the Winter Olympics! All my Canadian pride is pouring out all at once, lol, wooo!!

I’ve always enjoyed watching the figure skating and hockey events, and that was about it. But this year, I’m watching speed skating, skiing moguls, snowboarding, I even tried watching curling for one reason, and one reason only:

PANTS, ahahahaha!

But, despite the clown pants, I still couldn’t bear to watch curling… 😛


Pairs figure skating medal event last night was super exciting!!

Pang & Tong: Silver Medalists

Shen & Zhao: China's first Gold Medalists!! w00t!

Shen & Zhao: China's first Gold Medalists!! w00t!


And tonight, men’s figure skating short program!! My top 3 moments of the night (if you’re to stream/YouTube any perf, I’d reco these):

1. Plushenko


2. Johnny Weir

A very flamboyant and charismatic performance. Maybe not a top contender, but boy, do I love watching him perform. Here’s a link to his Lady Gaga perf earlier this year.

3. Takahashi

Who thought anyone could give Plushenko a run for his money??

Can’t wait for the showdown!


2 Responses to “Liquid Assets, Olympics & Shopping Plunders”

  1. Yunjie February 23, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    1) Hey, don’t forget that you’ve got me when it comes to shopping! I’ll go shoe-shopping (or clothes/accessory-shopping) with you next time =D

    2) Oh wow, I didn’t know that Japanese izakaya guu was THAT popular! My friends and I are planning to go on a Friday or Saturday soon…we should expect a huge line-up then 😦

    3) I’m glad you liked Up in the Air 🙂

    This is random, but a movie that I found super hilarious (although it gets mixed reviews, with ppl either loving it or hating it) on my flight to China was The Invention of Lying. You should check it out if you get a chance – oh wait, does this conflict with your sacrifices for the lent? 😛

    • Daisy February 23, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

      Ok, next time I go downtown to shop, I’ll definitely hit you up!

      If you’re going on a Fri/Sat, definitely try to make a reservation (although with those kinds of crowds, I doubt they accept reservations)… or try going earlier or later than prime time.

      Is the Invention of Lying the one where the fat guy lives in a world where no one knows how to lie? lol… that looked kind of lame, but if you say it’s funny, I’ll give it a try!! 😀

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