Tuesday Tips: Getting Physical @Home

23 Feb

On Sunday,  I was watching the Canada vs USA hockey game in the living room with my parents (which ended with a disappointing loss, but I’m used to that, after all, I was a Leafs fan for 3 years) when I noticed that both my dad and I were doing weights and my mom was doing stretches while watching.

This is bizarre, I know. But it says 2 things:

1) My parents have passed their values of healthy living on to me; and

2) My family is now a freak circus of health nuts, lol.

Even though – in their old age – they don’t “work out” much anymore, my parents are still more active in their everyday lives than anyone I know. Here are some habits that you can also pick up from my family to keep active:

1. Take a light stroll after dinner (weather dependent). The blood circulation will help digestion too. 🙂 ^ is the park next to my house that my parents stroll through after dinner on summer nights. 🙂

2. Instead of spending 15 minutes circling the parking spot for the closest spot, why not park further away and walk the rest of the way instead. It’ll save you time and stress.

3. Blade/bike to your destinations instead of driving/transiting. Ahh my parents and I used to do this all the time before my bike was stolen and before my blades practically fell apart from overuse. xD

4. Do light weights (or other non-intensive exercise) while watching TV. Two birds with one stone. Case and point with my opener statement. 🙂

5. Do light exercise during your break at work. Take a walk or do some stretches. It’ll keep you refreshed throughout the day as well. My dad and I both take walks during our lunch breaks a couple of times a week (when the weather was nicer).

6. Make chores count! Doing household chores with vigour gets the job done better and gives you a little workout. Though I used to hate doing household chores, now, when I have to clean the house, I throw on some dance tunes and dance/sing loudly off-tune while I clean. And shovelling snow is like the best strengthening workout ever! 😉

So there you have it! The Jiang family’s tips for incorporating activity into your everyday life. 🙂

Learn from the pros, lifestyle tips from centenarians.


2 Responses to “Tuesday Tips: Getting Physical @Home”

  1. Chungtron February 24, 2010 at 11:12 pm #

    Good stuff!

    Will I bring myself to do any of this? Probably not… since I like lying prone with a bag of chips in front of a TV or monitor =P
    However, whenever I move around my house, I do it in quick ninja-bursts from room to room and chair to chair.

    I guess that’s why my bones are still strong, but my endurance sucks XD

    • Daisy February 24, 2010 at 11:14 pm #

      What do you mean you like “lying prone with a bag of chips”? lol

      Is that really how you move? >_<

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