Lazy Sunday… Bye Bye Olympics!

28 Feb

Ooo, busy busy weekend! 🙂 Saturday, went downtown to have coffee with a friend and then Cathy’s bday dinner with dragonboat peeps.

Cathy's bday dinner @Trapezzi

An Italian restaurant in Greektown, which Tian repeatedly said was “very nice”, lol.

AMAZING CAKE from Pusateri's!

Yo… this was some goddurn good cake… best I’ve had in a while. o_o Coffee Cognac Cake… with styrofoam topping, lol.

Sunday was a busy day taking care of odds and ends, and I had brunch with Coolin at his uncle’s restaurant in First Markham Place.

Tomato soup from the Chinese restaurant xD

The restaurant was HK cafe style and it served WHITE FOOD. I just couldn’t wrap my head around it… it was a Chinese restaurant with Chinese decor and menus in Chinese, but it served things like spaghetti bolognaise, portugal chicken, and smoked salmon with potato salad… and the meals come with coffee, tomato soup and rolls…. what?? what???

Smoked salmon with fresh fruit and potato salad

This concept is so foreign to me, but apparently it’s common and very popular. :S :S :S

Rushed home for the HOCKEY SHOWDOWN which was as epic as I could’ve wished for. 😀 What a dramatic finish, imo the perfect way to end the 2010 Olympics.

I do say that the Olympics have brought on a Canadian pride and sense of nationality that I’ve had before. I’ve alwas identified with China a lot more than Canada, but now, I think I may just make the switch over. Or who knows, maybe just end up being Canada’s fairweather friend, lol.

I’m so sad that the Olympics are over… my life has just been work, Olympics, and repeat for the past 2 weeks lol.

It’s time to get a life again. 😛 I’ve been way too pre-occupied with Olympics to even blog… I’m sorry, I know that must’ve been extremely distressing for you, my loyal readers (:P), so I’ll leave you with this:

If you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it.


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