101 Random Acts of Prius

10 Mar

Toyota is trying to make the world a better place.

No, not with the electric car, but with its Random Acts of Prius app on Facebook.

I stumbled across this little doohickey a couple of months ago at work – I was doing gathering ideas for a Facebook contest I’m running for our clients – and I thought it was just too cute! =)

A new random act is added daily, and acts are grouped into six categories: health, creativity, happiness, environment, knowledge and community.

The great thing about it is that the acts are simple and light-hearted and fun! They’re so easy to do, and it makes you feel happy that you’re slowly but steadily making the world a better place, even though the individual actions you take seem so insignificant.

I’ve already had so much fun doing some of the random acts so far, and these are still the ones that I’m planning to go through!!! Just happen to be 101 left for me to do as of today. =)

My 101 Random Acts of Prius

#1 Go to a farmer’s market and buy something you’ve never heard of. (25 pts)
#2 Write a handwritten letter to a faraway friend. (15 pts)
#3 Put on old music and think about the future. (5 pts)
#4 Host a dinner party and invite each of your guests to wear a hat. (50 pts)
#5 Go for a walk and leave your MP3 player at home. (15 pts)
#6 Learn how solar cells work, then teach somebody who’s older than you. (25 pts)
#7 Write a goal on a piece of paper, and hide it someplace you’ll find later. (10 pts)
#8 Use a lemon to clean your kitchen, and another to make lemonade. (25 pts)
#9 Find five items you haven’t worn in a year, and donate them. (15 pts)
#10 Make a playlist for your mood. (5 pts)
#12 Go outside and do a downward dog (if you don’t know what that is, learn). (15 pts)
#15 Write a poem, and put it on the fridge. (25 pts)
#17 Dance in a restaurant until you make other people laugh. (25 pts)
#18 Learn a new word and use it in your status update. (5 pts)
#19 Write a compliment on five friends’ walls. (10 pts)
#20 Buy a reusable bottle and give it to the next friend you catch using a plastic one. (25 pts)
#21 Refrain from sad emoticons today, use only smileys. (5 pts)
#23 Write a secret on a leaf and throw it into the wind. (15 pts)
#24 Read a newspaper, then use it to wrap a present. (10 pts)
#27 Look at the clouds and find something interesting. (5 pts)
#29 Sing in the shower, get out after two songs. (5 pts)
#30 Read your best friend’s favorite book. (50 pts)
#32 Smile at a stranger. (5 pts)
#33 Write a haiku about your best friend and post it on his/her wall. (15 pts)
#35 Make a list of books you want to read and use it as a bookmark. (15 pts)
#37 Check your fridge temperature, make sure it’s not below 37°F. (10 pts)
#39 Close your eyes for five minutes and just listen. (5 pts)
#40 Go outside and pick up ten pieces of trash. (10 pts)
#41 Compliment someone you don’t know. (5 pts)
#43 Write down a goal and hang it on the fridge. (10 pts)
#45 Pick some fruit and make a pie. (50 pts)
#46 Turn off the TV, read a book instead. (15 pts)
#48 Write a thank you note to an old teacher. (25 pts)
#49 Switch a bill to paperless. (15 pts)
#50 Draw a picture of your favorite memory. (15 pts)
#51 Say thank you to ten different people. (15 pts)
#53 Make your status update about what you’re thankful for. (5 pts)
#58 Pack an extra lunch and give it to somebody. (25 pts)
#59 Take a lunchtime power nap. (15 pts)
#60 Research a city you have always wanted to visit. (10 pts)
#63 Make a collage of all your favorite things. (25 pts)
#64 Go to a local shelter and play with the animals. (50 pts)
#65 Learn how to say please and thank you in five different languages. (15 pts)
#70 Do a crossword puzzle in the local paper. (15 pts)
#71 Try a new radio station. (10 pts)
#72 Check your freezer temperature, make sure it’s not below 0°F. (10 pts)
#73 Write down your ideal day and make it happen. (25 pts)
#74 Make your own version of vegetable soup and save the recipe. (15 pts)
#76 Give other drivers the thank you wave. (5 pts)
#77 Make a bird feeder and hang it on a tree. (25 pts)
#79 Learn to play chess. If you already know how, teach somebody who doesn’t. (15 pts)
#80 Turn the water off while you shampoo your hair. (10 pts)
#81 Leave a face-up penny on the ground. (5 pts)
#82 Bring holiday treats to your local fire or police station. (25 pts)
#84 Learn how to fold a paper crane, leave it for someone to find. (10 pts)
#85 Clean off your bookshelves and donate some to a used book store. (15 pts)
#86 Send a postcard to a family member. (15 pts)
#87 Tuck a nice note on the windshield of a random car. (5 pts)
#88 Read through a new genre of magazine. (15 pts)
#89 Hang your New Year’s resolution on the bathroom mirror. (10 pts)
#90 Learn what vampire power is and decrease yours. (15 pts)
#92 Send someone you know a care package. (25 pts)
#94 Start a countdown for something you’re looking forward to. (15 pts)
#95 Pay a friend a surprise visit. (15 pts)
#96 Download an eco-sans font and make it your default. (25 pts)
#98 Go veggie for a day. (25 pts)
#99 Call a friend and make plans for the summer. (10 pts)
#104 Change your profile picture to your role model for a day. (5 pts)
#105 Bring dinner to a family in need. (25 pts)
#106 Floss. (5 pts)
#108 Set your computer to power save mode and pick a new screensaver. (10 pts)
#109 Make a list of your five best qualities. (10 pts)
#110 Coordinate a game night. (25 pts)
#111 Learn what a ‘localvore’ is, and give it a try. (25 pts)
#113 Write a nice note on the wall of a friend you haven’t talked to in months. (5 pts)
#114 Learn a card trick. (15 pts)
#115 Write a love letter in iambic pentameter. If you don’t know what it is, learn. (25 pts)
#116 Bring your reusable bags to the mall – they’re good for more than groceries. (10 pts)
#119 Make a salad for dinner using organic veggies. (15 pts)
#121 Suggest friends to five of your friends on Facebook. (10 pts)
#122 Scan and upload old family pictures. (25 pts)
#123 Send a gift to a random person on your Friends list. (15 pts)
#127 Sign up for a CPR class. (50 pts)
#128 Post the story of a Random Act you were the recipient of. (15 pts)
#129 Send a care package to a college student. (25 pts)
#130 Swap a cleaning product for an eco-friendly alternative. (15 pts)
#132 Shamelessly sing along to the radio while at a stoplight. (10 pts)
#133 Write your own ‘roses are red . . .’ poem. (15 pts)
#134 Go to a community meeting. (15 pts)
#135 Write a status update in a different language. (10 pts)
#137 Put a picture of your family on your refrigerator. (10 pts)
#138 Join a new cause on Facebook. (10 pts)
#139 Make up your own mantra. (15 pts)
#140 Write to a local business requesting they stop using Styrofoam. (25 pts)
#142 Meditate today. (15 pts)
#143 Sign up for a charity race. (25 pts)
#144 Compliment the mirror today. (5 pts)
#146 Sit up straight all day. (15 pts)
#149 Send the tenth contact in your phone a random text message. (5 pts)
#151 Unsubscribe to magazines you don’t read anymore. (20 pts)

So who’s up for partaking? 😉 It’s funnn. 🙂


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