Fuderwhacking Vigorously

14 Mar

I saw Alice in Wonderland this weekend!

Alice in Wonderland has always been a childhood favourite of mine. I love Tim Burton and I love Johnny Depp, and I couldn’t have thought of a better pair to remake the classic story.

The movie didn’t compare to the book by any means, and it lacked the whimsical word-play and childhood innocence that Alice the book had, but it was definitely a visual feast that captured the bizarre-ness and topsy-turvy nature of Wonderland. It had a lot of production value, but at the core of the movie, there was a lot missing to make it the Tim Burton masterpiece I had hoped for. Best part of the movie by far: the Mad Hatter’s fuderwhacking at the very end!!! 😀

Other than the movie, coffee date and the shopping that ensued afterward, I’m having a really hermit-y weekend… it’s about time I stayed in for a weekend and finally got my ish together… I feel all over the place these days. I need this weekend to just chillax and take care of myself… maybe do a little personal grooming, haha… god knows I don’t do enough of that. 😀



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