How much time do I spend blogging?

17 Mar

Not much at all. Maybe a couple of hours a week. 🙂

I know all about bloggers who spend so much time blogging that they don’t do anything in life worth blogging about anymore, lol. That won’t be me.

There are a few tools that I use to make my blogging (and other social media) activities super-easy & quick!

1. Publicize Twitter: automatically sends my blog activity to Twitter.

2. Publicize Facebook: automatically sends my blog activity to Facebook.

3. Scheduled Publishing: lets me choose what time I want my blog posts to be published.

4. SocialOomph: let’s me choose what time I want my tweets to appear on Twitter.

5. Selective Tweets: automatically sends my tweets to Facebook.

What does this all mean?

This means that I can blog and still have a life, that’s what it means, lol. I usually select a time (or two) during the week when I have a clear mind and have a spare hour or two to sit down with a cup-a-coffee and a pumpkin muffin and spread my verbal diarrhea to anyone who cares to listen (er.. read). I do all my blog posts at once, then schedule these posts to be published throughout the rest of the week and use my tools to let the blog posts automatically spew out into Twitter and Facebook. 🙂

Why am I telling you this?

Well first of all, I don’t want to seem like a loser that does nothing but sit at home and blog. 😛 Secondly, there seems to be confusion about when I blog, since I have blog posts appearing at times when I’m asleep, or out with friends, or at work (I rarely touch my personal blog at work).

p.s. I learned how to use all this stuff at work! It’s really not complicated. I can show you tricks of the trade if you ever want to start your own blog (and a few of you have expressed that you do!). 🙂


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