How To Find A Job

8 Apr

I’ll keep it short & simple. A lot of people ask me about finding jobs. Especially this time of year.

Here are some good websites I’ve used to find job postings:




1. TalentEgg: for internships and new grads

2. CharityVillage: for jobs in the non-profit sector

3. SimplyHired: for new grads

4. Media Job Search Canada: for media jobs in Canada 😛 (couldn’t tell by the name, right?)

5. Career Builder: for new grads

6. Marketing Magazine: Marketing Mag has a Career Zone for marketing jobs. It’s mostly for people with a bit of experience, but it’s a good resource to find out what kinds of companies hire for what kinds of marketing roles, and who the big players are in marketing/advertising.

Career Exploration

I wouldn’t say that I’m 100% clear about what my ambitions for my career are yet, but I do have a good idea, and I couldn’t even have gotten to where I am now without a lot of help along the way. I recommend getting involved in mentorship, whether formal or informal – I’ve learned a lot from my mentors throughout the years. Another resource is Career Counselling at the University of Toronto Career Centre (or the parallel of whatever school you go to) – a lady named Claire from the Career Centre is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about different industries and career paths… I think anyone who speaks to her will be pleasantly surprised about how insightful she can be.

This is how I’ve come across my university jobs:

– Sanford Canada – Marketing Coordinator (University of Toronto Career Centre Website) – Toronto Star – Classifieds Sales Advertising Rep (University of Toronto Career Centre Website) – Boxx3G – Marketing Intern (Media Job Search Canada) – University of Toronto – Marketing Research Assistant (my marketing professor) – University of Toronto – Research Assistant (Work-Study Program) – Ministry of Government Services – Marketing Coordinator (mentor directed me to the government’s website) Hope this helps in your quest for employment post-exams, or now, if you’re a keener! 🙂 Cheerios!


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