Everything’s Bigger in Texas [Dallas Trip]

21 Apr

Sunday was supposed to be a relaxed day, since we were only exhibiting for an hour, but it was actually pretty demanding.

It took a long time to set up our exhibit, because we ran into a lot of unforeseen circumstances. But I just threw on the tunes from my laptop and sang and danced my way through it. Screw what the other people think, lol.

After setting up our exhibit, people started moseying in to check us out. I thought it was going to be dull and dry, but the conference was actually really packed and it was fun speaking to so many people. =D Healthcare people are surprisingly engaging and witty (no offense wrt what that implies about my original perception of healthcare people :P).

After the conference, we went to the cool conceirge lady, to ask her to recommend a place with authentic Mexican food. Her recommendation took us to Aca Y Alla Monica’s, in the outskirts of town. It was such a cozy and warm little establishment. The server was so Mexican that I couldn’t understand anything he was saying, even though he was speaking in full English, lol. I also had this really famous margarita called Frankie’s Top Shelf which had had secret ingredients in it that I couldn’t figure out from drinking it. 😀 It was really really really good.

I think the drinks loosened our tongues, because the table talk took a turn off-course. We started relaying our personal stories about clubbing and drinking parties and getting wasted out of our minds. All of us had some pretty interesting stories, haha. I found out that my boss is even more gangster than he seemed. His stories from the period in his life when he owned clubs and restaurants in downtown Toronto are crazy. I can’t even imagine how 180 it is for him to have ended up in the healthcare business from that.

After dinner, we went karaoke-ing for a while, with a few other people. My co-worker is pretty amazing at karaoke. You can tell that he frequents it, haha. My boss doesn’t sing. He’s too cool for that. 😛 And I don’t know how he pulled it off, but I realized by the end of the night that he didn’t sing one song. Sneaky one…

We had to leave pretty early though because we all had to wake up at 6am the next morning. =\


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