Find Your D Spot [Dallas Trip]

22 Apr

2nd day exhibiting was grueling. Woke up at 6am and got to the conference at 7am. Was there until 7:30pm. Friggin’ exhausting. But strangely fun. A lot of weird stuff gets said when people get worked until delirious exhaustion. My boss started talking in his Sean Connery voice, which annoys me to no end, and I shouldn’t have told him that because now he uses it just to get under my skin. xD

Then, he started telling me about this really retarded technique used to pick up girls, and I was like no way, that doesn’t work, it’s so lame. So to prove it, we tried the technique at the conference, and it actually worked! LOL

Omg, so many fun memories from that day at the conference… priceless stuff. 😀

During our down time, I got to play with an armadillo, haha. Armadillos are actually very cute, and frisky as hell. I also got a Minnie Mouse hat because the conference is being held at Orlando, Florida next year!! Can’t wait for that one!

After the conference, we went out to a fish market. But it’s not what you would expect from a fish market at all. It was actually an  upscale restaurant with very good ambiance. Also, some of the best sushi I’ve ever had there. Oh man, I still remember the taste of the himachi jalapeno roll…. *droool*. My entree was sooo scrumptious… damn. Best damn fish I’ve ever had. Just thinking about it makes me sad because it’s gone, lol.

We decided to get a bottle of sake to accompany massive seafood dinner, and that really loosened up our tongues (as if we needed any more help in that department by that point). We pretty  much told each other our life stories (no exaggeration, man lol), and we talked about relationships and marriage and finding that right person… man, really really deep stuff. Sake talk, lol. Also, my boss revealed some neat tricks of the clubbing industry… stuff I wish I had known when I was actually into clubbing. xD

Another memorable night. 🙂 We had to call it an early night again because the next day is also a 6am day, so we just strolled around and took in the city, and packed it in.


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