Leavin’ The Lone Star State [Dallas Trip]

22 Apr

Last day in Dallas! Woke up to my rose still fresh and supple and a freshly brewed cup of  Starbucks courtesy of the hotel, and a pile of balloons that I took from the World Balloon Convention lying on my floor. 😀

By now, I’m kind of accustomed to getting up at 6am. There’s a freshness to the air that I could get used to. After the conference wrapped up mid-day, we had lunch at the hotel before heading to the airport. We were all so tired from the past 4 days that none of us were making any sense, lol.

We’re leaving all too soon though. I could’ve done with a couple of more days here, but it just wasn’t in the cards. And of course, Dallas finally decided to show me some sunshine on the day that I’m leaving. -___-”

The plane ride back was a lot better than the ride there, for some reason. Went souvenir shopping during the stopover, but couldn’t find a cowboy hat that fit my head. =( The adult hats were too big for me and the kid ones were too small, lol. P.S. the Detroit airport is really cool, it has this illuminated long pathway that kind of looks like a giant disco hall, lol.

Now that I’m back at work, I’m moving into a new office! This is perfect. I had just messed up my old office enough for me to consider cleaning it. Now, I can just pack up and leave instead to a brand new clean office, LOL.

And now I can finally be in a room with a window! It’s so nice… I’ve missed sunshine while I work. I also got a new fancy keyboard to replace my old one which was really gross cuz it had food bits all over it (yeah, I know, I’m nasty :().

I think I like this office enough to actually start decorating it. I’m going to work on putting up some pictures of my friends/fam soon!

Teehee, cheers!


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