Salad & $9 Pop

25 Apr

It’s T-7 days to my 10K run and I’m finally doing a test run later this afternoon to see what I’m made of. 😀

This weekend has been pretty chill. I went downtown after work to have dinner with Coolin. We went to Flip, Toss & Thai (couldn’t resist the name, lol), which looks like a hole-in-the-wall establishment from the outside and not significantly better from the inside, lol. The service was super friendly though, and the owner jumped at the opportunity to recommend a dish, which always pleases me to see. 🙂 After dinner, I went to have drinks at Cafe Nervosa with an oldddd acquaintance that I had lost touch with for a couple of years. Twas nice.


Saturday was a little less epic than I had hoped. The LCD Lord of the Rings marathon was delayed because Lucy couldn’t make it, and I also didn’t get to learn the BoA choreo that Chung’s been raving about, although we got off to an decent start Lan’s bday BBQ on Centre Island.

Here we are at Centre Island. The weather was a bit chilly and cloudy, but at least it didn’t rain. We didn’t bring enough food and had to ration chicken wings (1 each, lol) and desperately turned to leftover bell peppers by the end of the BBQ, lol.

My role for food contribution was to bring the pop, and I didn’t want to carry the heavy bottles with me as I walked to Centre Island, so I got it at a convenience store close to the ferry dock. 2L of pop was over $9! I was so PO-ed that I almost didn’t buy it, but I didn’t want my friends chocking down BBQ food without anything to wash it down, so I gritted my teeth and went ahead with it. The Asian in me can’t let that go, lol.

After BBQ, we played Salad. Epic as always. Salad never fails to please. 😉 Big up to Stupidface who intro-ed me to it.

I wanted to try the tandem bikes @Centre Island because my co-worker told me that they were a lot of fun, but I want to save it for a day with perfect weather, when it’s warm, there’s a slight breeze, and the sun is out and shining! I’m sure I’ll get the chance this summer. 😀

Hoorah for those who’re done exams, have a great week, and peace out!


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