Mother Nature Shits On Me

27 Apr


Mother Nature hit me with a one-two punch and imparted her monthly gift on me just a few days before my 10k run. Dammit to hell. This screws up all of my training plans for the pre-run week, and it’s left me craving candy and cookies non-stop. 😦

Arghh… this is my least favourite part about being a girl, with “having to wear a bra” being a #2 that doesn’t even come close.

In light of this mishappening…

I’m ramping down my pre-run workout plan:

Monday – writh in pain

Tuesday – writh in pain + yoga

Wednesday – dance class

Thursday – bike to & from work

Friday – trial 10K run, if my cycle allows it

Saturday – going to Extreme Fitness with Yunjie, I’ll probably do some strength training and jog a little, keep it relatively light



My goal is to do the 10K in under an hour. It took me about half an hour to do my last 5K, so I think 60 minutes for 10K is pretty ambitious for me and my midget legs. Besides, I know what these races are like, the first 500m is so crowded that you’re practically shuffling forward inch by inch until the crowd clears enough for you to break out into a run.

Ganbatte to me! 🙂


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