Downtown Luv

17 May

One weekend without downtown and I already missed it so much, I had to spend the entire weekend downtown to make up for it.

Headed down right after brunch on Sat, and got my shopping fix in Yorkville. Then I skedaddled to Varsity Theatre to meet up with Mason & Brian for Ironman 2. It was pretty good, albeit slightly worse than the first one, but it had Scarlett J0hansson in an impossibly tight latex bodysuit, so I really can’t complain. Mmm… 😉

After the movie, I met up with David at Guu. It was the first time I got a table without waiting, since David lined up for us before I got there. 🙂 The food was good as always, esp the takoyaki. Tried the tofu cheesecake… just to say that I’ve had tofu cheesecake, but it really wasn’t anything to brag about. =P  We had another waitress who could barely understand what we were saying. Invited her to drink with us and she just served us our sake and walked away, lol. Oh well, at least she could take our orders. xD

Strolled over to Tom’s party. Drinking games ensued. Then karaoke at some place in Chinatown. Then rendez-vous with David at Bar+ karaoke, and just happened to run into Steve again, haha! Brings back memories. Wish we could still afford to go to Bar+, lol.

Anyway… don’t remember much after that, I was kinda out of it by that point… but I showed up at Tom’s place around 5am, and he was nice enough to let me crash at his place. 🙂

Got woken up early Sunday morning by text msgs (urghhh) and by 11, I gave up on sleep, so I dragged my ass up to go have brunch with David (wow, a triple shot of him this weekend, lol) at Cafe la Gaffe. The weather was so perfect that we had to go take a walk, and then I chilled at his office to kill time.

Met up with Phil after, and we went to the beach and walked around, it was suuuuch a gorgeous day! The sun hitting the waters just right, making it sparkle like diamonds, and an ever-so-slight breeze blowing through my hair made it pretty awesome. 😉

Then we hit up the Distillery District and checked out some of the shoppes and art galleries there. I don’t think Phil appreciated it nearly as much as I did. I need to find me some pretentious friends who’re willing to go along with me to pretend we understand abstract art.  😛

Then, we went to Nyood, but the place was closed! what’s up with that… 😦 So we found a patio in Yorkville and chilled over dinner and some drinks for a couple of hours. Quality conversation, good ambiance, ok food. 😀

Then – last ditch attempt at seeing Robin Hood (Phil really wanted to see it, and me, not so much, lol) but the show times didn’t work out, so we called it a night early.

Mm… now it’s time to go hard at work. I’ve been kinda out of it for the last week, so I gotta get my act together. The weekend left me feeling too relaxed and laidback… I can’t even force a feeling of urgency at work. xD The weather isn’t helping either. I just keep staring out the window at the sunshine. 😐 At least the weather will allow me to bike to work everyday. As long as my ass muscles can handle it, lol. xD



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