Fancy Flop

26 May

My plans to be fancy this weekend turned out to be a flop.

I was going to see a foreign film, but ended up seeing Kick Ass instead. Then, I was going to hit up the CONTACT Photography Festival, but Yunjie and I couldn’t find any of the exhibits (not that we tried that hard, haha) so we ended up just shopping on Queen Street.

How disappointingly plebian.

Haha jk, I still had tons of fun. Didn’t really like Kick Ass, but at least Yunjie and I were on the same page for that, or else I would’ve felt like the only person in the world who didn’t like it.

We went to an Indian AYCE… I didn’t know anything about Indian food before, and I still don’t know anything now. All I could make out was different piles of yellow and green goop, lol. xD

SHOPPING was super fun though! I’ve always wanted to go shopping with Yunjie. It’s safe to say that she’s my most stylish friend. She even lent me one of her dresses, and I felt like such a girlie girl in it. Definitely not something I would normally wear, haha. But shopping with her did open my eyes to a different fashion sense. God, I need more girl friends. 😀

Anyway, after shopping, I met up with a friend for dinner. We wined and dined at Cafe Nervosa, and then strolled down to a jazz lounge for good music and dancing. Super fun.

Got home pretty late and Yunjie was nice enough to agree to leave later the next day for Wonderland. I still didn’t get enough sleep, and from previous experience, it’s never a good idea to do roller coasters with not enough sleep. xD It ended up being fine though, although maybe that’s because I only went on the pussy rides. 😦

It was super hot, so we went on a couple of water rides to cool off and got way more soaked than I had anticipated. xD All in all, a fun day with friends. 🙂

I’m going to be Yunjie’s suga mama for the next few weeks, and she’s going to be my sexless innkeeper, haha. She was nice enough to accommodate me for being downtown on weekends so that I can go to my dragonboat races… and stay addicted to the downtown life, lol.

Cheers, and have a great week! Only 3 more days to go til another great weekend! ❤



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