Shitastic Day

26 May

Wow, I’m having a craptastic day.

I couldn’t get to sleep til late last night (because I got too much sleep the night before) but then woke up extra early –  7am – plagued by thoughts of going to San Diego. This little granny without her 8 hours = walking zombie. 😐

By mid-morning, I realized that the white capris I have on today are quite see-through. That’s what I get for not putting on my work clothes until I get to work. 😦

Then, my officemate left go to to a meeting, so I started playing Drake, and then I started rapping to it, but then she walked in on me and it was uber embarassing LOL. 😐

THEN, I spilled tea all over my white capris! I don’t know if this inevitably happens whenever I wear white, or if I only happen to notice it when it does happen on white… but I always spill shit on my clothes when I wear white!! 😦

Also, our hot secretary got replaced by a significantly less hot secretary. Not cool. Not cool at all, lol. 😐

To make it worse, my work day schedule was pretty dull to begin with… I’m pretty much on the computer all day, sitting in on webinars and tutorials. And not interesting ones either. 😦

The only thing that could salvage this is a sick dance class this evening, but judging by last week’s rehearsal – when our normal instructor got substituted by a 70 year old woman – it’s not looking good…

Ok, I’m done complaining now. But if you had an even shittier day, you may tell me about it so I can feel better. 🙂


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