2 Jun

May was marvelous =)

Usually, I melt as soon as the temperature creeps near 30 degrees, but I actually quite enjoyed May’s incredibly intense heat… maybe because it brought me the first taste of summer of the year: the first patio drinks, the first comfortable nightly stroll through the city, the summer dresses, the mad shades, the uncomfortable sandals (boo :(), iced coffees, and gelato dates. 🙂

Still waiting to pull out that swim suit!! 😉

In May, I managed to accomplish my goals of…

1) Biking to work every day. Even through thunderstorms and 30+ degrees heat, and despite shitting my pants after almost getting hit by a truck on a highway ramp (if this happens again, I’m going to think it’s me, and not circumstance 😛 ).

2) Making a financial plan. I want to put my spending in check, and make sure that I put aside an amount for my personal savings, a vacation fund for my parents, and I’m also going to start paying my parents “rent” for as long as I’m living at home.

3) Annnddd exploring new parts of town via Doors Open Toronto =)

There you go, an accomplished May. =D

June’s gonna be jumpin’!

For me, June’s always marked the beginning of summer. 😀

I’m expecting a lot more patios, Liquid Assets love, and Toronto festivals! Festivals I wanna hit in June are:

1) Short Film Festival – w/ philc

2) Waterfront Blues Festival – where my music lovers at??? =D

3) Luminato – where my arts & culture luvrs at?? lol

4) And of course, the Centre Island Dragonboat Race Festival!!! Come watch me and Liquid Assets kick ass!!!

Is Pride Week also in June? Not sure… but if it is, definitely that as well! 😀

Oh yes, my June goals!

1. Spend everyday outdoors.

Take advantage of this gorgeous weather, and move closer to my inevitable end of being blasian by the end of summer.

2. Less multi-tasking.

Multitasking will be the death of me. I’m usually working on at least 3 different projects at the same time at work, and it definitely makes me less productive overall, not to mention, contributes to my short attention span. I’m going to try to focus on only one project at a time at work, for the entire month… if nothing else, it’ll make me less stressed.

Already told my boss, he’s on board, haha.

3. 10,000 Steps Challenge

I said I was going to do it, and I’m going to do it. 10,000 steps each day. Bring it on, bitches. Time for some hardcore walking. Haha.


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