Heartbreak Drake

7 Jun

Drake’s Soft Stuff

This is why the ladiez luv Drake, heh ❤

Fall For Your Type – Drake

July – Drake

Brand New – Drake ft Lil Wayne

Sooner Than Later – Drake

Closer – Drake ft Andreena Mill

Successful – Drake ft Trey Songz

Smile – Drake ft Voyce Alexander

Karaoke – Drake

Hurt – Drake

Lust For Life – Drake

The Calm – Drake

Fav 5 tracks from ‘Thank Me Later’

[not including his 3 singles]

1. Light Up [ft Jay-Z] **I just run the town, I don’t do too much joggin**

2. Shut It Down [ft The-Dream] **I feel like when she moves… the time doesn’t**

3. Unforgettable [ft. Young Jeezy] **I’m lookin forward to the memories of right now**

4. Fireworks [ft Alicia Keys] **Let’s stay together til we’re ghosts/I want to witness love, I’ve never seen it close**

5. Show Me A Good Time **Call me over rated or created or too jaded/because any way you put it bitch, I made it**

k, imma lay off drake next week, promiseee.


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