I Go Down Easy

7 Jun

Okonomiyaki w/ Yunjie

Yunjie makes good okonomiyaki. And she made it for me Friday night. Too bad I got to see how easy it was to make, and am now substantially less impressed. But it’s all the same in here *pats tummy*. 🙂

After dinner, we had to go emergency shoe-shopping (long story… lol) and bought matching shoes! Whoo! By that time, it was almost time for me to go to bed, so we couldn’t go to the Stroke It social that we were originally planning to. Sigh… Friday nights just aren’t the same when you have to go to bed at 11pm, lol. I’m such a square.

LA @Pickering

Sat morning: got up before the sun and met up with the team for Pickering. It was actually a stunning day, not the rainy cloudy day that was forecasted. The wind was crazy intense though, and it made the races (esp setting up) difficult.

Liquid Assets did so amazing at Pickering, I can’t even say anything that won’t come out understated or depreciative to how I feel. To get to Div A Finals for both the University Cup and OPG Cup, and to race against the caliber of legendary teams that we got to is a privilege, an honour, and much deserved by everyone on the team.

3 years, and we’ve made it this far. We couldn’t have done it without Derek‘s resilient dedication and leadership, nor Melvin‘s uncanny ability to coach, discipline and motivate the team. ❤

That’s all I’ll say now, since it’s not time to pat ourselves on the back yet. We still have Centre Island in 3 weeks, and if we can improve by this much over the course of 1 week – from Milton to Pickering – I’m expecting nothing short of epic at Centre Island, Liquid. Nothing short of epic. Eye of the tiger, guys, eye of the tiger… lol.

Anyway, post-race dinner was great because the whole team came out! All it took was a 20% off coupon to get everyone to come… lol. Cheap Asian much? Haha…

Dance It Out

After dinner, I rushed home, showered off that sticky lake water, changed, and cabbed it down to Frequency with Phil for Grace’s bday.

[Holy shit, I’m friggin tanned, lol. Gotta remember that sunscreen. xD]

Too much grindage, not enough jamming, not enough hip hop, and I’m not a huge fan of the grimier clubs… lol. [Funny thing is that I was telling my boss about it and turns out, he used to own Frequency back when it was called Metro. Then it was awkward cuz I had already told him that the club was shit, haha. ]

Buuuut drinks + music + dancing = good release from the rest of the day.

Plus, it’s about time I partied with Yunjie, and it’s been too long since I partied with Phil!!

Nothing else will be said. 😉

Short Filmsss

Sunday, we all went for dim sum… dipped my deep fried squid into spicy sauce that was TFS (roflcopter).

Then Phil and I hit up When All Is Said and Sung for the Short Film Festival. We saw 7 short films, all of them musical shorts of mixed genres. Hits and misses. Some were excellent, and some were just wtf. If you’re interested, I would recommend these [to download or sth], in order:

1. A4 to A3 [quirky romantic comedy]

2. Surfing the Waste [living eco/enviro-friendly]

3. Phatwa [Iraqi is the new black]

4. Conversation Piece [a comedic marital argument to an improv jazz piece]

After the film festival, we ended the night at Congee Wong with good conversation and horrible horrible food. I don’t generally like eating at Chinese restaurants so I have pretty low expectations, but even considering that, I was still extremely displeased. I felt nauseated all night from that dinner, all the way up until I went to sleep. 😦

Funny thing is, I had leftovers from that dinner for lunch today and then felt like shit for the rest of the day. Yeah, I had that one coming.

Cheers, have a good week, everyone! =)


3 Responses to “I Go Down Easy”

  1. Yunjie June 7, 2010 at 9:05 pm #

    LOL @ “TFS”…lol maybe I’ll start using it from now on!

    aww I see that you’re no longer impressed by my okonomiyaki-making ability :/ next time I gotta make something with more complex procedures to impress you 😛

    • Daisy June 7, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

      Haha, Yunjie, you know I didn’t mean it like that. It still tasted good. It’s relaxing and nice to talk and cook at the same time. There’s no sense of urgency so you can still carry on quality conversation while waiting for it to cook. =P

      • Yunjie June 8, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

        haha don’t worry, I was just joking 😛 I’m glad you enjoyed the cooking/eating/chatting experience 🙂

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