Eye Of The Tiger

21 Jun

My 20 Weekend Lovers

I’ve been MIA for most of June for 20 very very important reasons: my Liquid Assets team. June is race season, and I’ve been lucky enough to share most of the last few weekends with Liquid Assets.

An Absolute Blast

Every weekend, I trudge home completely exhausted, drained, and lacking sleep, but happy. This weekend at Centre Island was no exception.

The gorgeous weather accommodated good race conditions and the long breaks in between races allowed the team to relax a bit and enjoy the island, the festival, and each other’s company.

Of course, come race time, we were focused and kicked ass. From the front of the boat, I can see the that the team had a drive and hunger that I didn’t see at Milton and Pickering, and it impressed me to no end how much improvement they’ve been able to make within a few weeks.

Record Breaking

We broke our previous record for fastest race time by a long shot, and now Melvin has to stay true to his word and buy the whole team ice cream. 😀

I’m not even sure how we placed… I think 5th out of all the university teams, and 29th overall out of… 180 teams in the festival? Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I usually don’t keep track because I could care less how we placed.

When friends ask me about dragonboat, they always ask “Did you win?” which I used to find a strange question, but of course, it’s the most natural question to ask about a race.

Melvin builds the team culture such that we place a lot more value in the experience than the result. We’d take greater pride in having raced to the best of our abilities than in having beat the competition. It keeps animosity, ego, and other negative feelings at bay and instills in our team all the good traits that dragonboat can bring out of you. That’s the way the team was built three years ago, and I’m happy to see that it’s still like that now.

It’s one of the main reasons that I love the team so much.

The Wrap Up

This past weekend at Centre Island wrapped up the season for Liquid Assets and brought an end to the journey. I’m so proud of the team that words could only diminish how I feel.

So thank you, Liquid Assets, for having shared the race season with me, and giving me such amazing weekends. You’re incredible as a team and as individuals.

I would take you over a nice breeze any day of the week.

Much love, Liquid!

~ Daze


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