I miss working out :(

23 Jun

It’s been a good two months (maybe more) since I’ve worked out. And I mean really worked out.

I bike and take walks, and that’s exercise, I guess, but… it’s just not the same as doing a real workout.

I miss doing weights. I miss doing circuits. Hell, I even miss doing plyometrics.

I mean, I hated plyo, but I loved it at the same time because it was such a struggle for me. I remember the first time I tried it, I died after 20 minutes. I mean, you couldn’t have paid me to do one more minute of plyo: I was on the ground, wheezing, couldn’t even get oxygen into my lungs fast enough, and my body burned like mad for days after. But after a few weeks, I was handling plyo like a pro: I could do an hour of it, no probs (granted, I could only do it once a week, max)… and I was quite proud of that, haha.

I also miss running. Running used to be my thing. I could plug into my mp3 player and run to no end. Now, I get winded after 15 minutes. I’m scared to even pick up plyo again after months of not doing it, it’s too confrontational for me, lol.

I haven’t worked out for a long time because I get too tired from biking to work. Once I get home, I’m already pooped. Even on days when I don’t bike to work, it’s too damn hot for me to work out. I’m already sweating up a storm just sitting in my room, it’s unfathomable for me to get up and do anything except eat watermelon, lol.

I know that makes me sound like a pussy, but I’m really sensitive to heat. Wouldn’t be the first time I fainted from heat exhaustion.

The first shocker that I was super out of shape was when I was trying to do 30-30-30 for dragonboat and I could barely force myself through 30 push-ups. What happened man?? I used to be able to do 80-something push-ups, and now I’m just another weak little girl. 😦

Very disappointed in myself. I’m doing another 10K run in July. Maybe that’ll be motivation for me to get back into shape.


2 Responses to “I miss working out :(”

  1. Yunjie June 23, 2010 at 11:59 pm #

    ahh I need to get (back) in shape (“back” in brackets, since I wouldn’t say I was ever in a really good shape XD), too! Your blog entry came at a good timing – we’ll motivate each other to get ready for the 10k run!

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