NYC – Our First Taste

12 Jul

For your reading/viewing pleasure, it’s time to recap my NYC trip with my girlies from last weekend!

Day 1

After a grueling 10+ hr overnight bus ride down to NYC, we arrived downtown at Grand Central Station early in the morning and checked into our hotel.

The concierge recommended a nearby cafe that would be perfect for lunch, so we strolled over to Bryant Park, where there was an outdoors cafe that overlooked a beautiful park situated right in the midst of the concrete jungle.  It was the perfect atmosphere for unwinding after the long trip down.

After lunch, we went to the New York Library to use the Internet (lol) but, to our surprise, the building’s interior was architecturally stunning. We ended up staying there for a couple of hours.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Museum of Modern Art. MoMA really brought me back… to all the years of studying art and back in the day when I wanted to be an architect, haha. Anyway, the visit was such a pleasant blast into the past that I was feeling super euphoric afterwards.

Then we hit up a wondrous place called Magnolia Bakery, home of melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, brownies to die for, and the best cupcakes in the world. After sampling a bunch of their delicacies, I considered ordering boxes of the stuff to bring back with me to Toronto. And I thought that was desperate, when I told my boss about it last week, he confessed that one day, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, and called Magnolia Bakery to see if they would deliver to Toronto, LOL!

Here’s us sitting at Rockefeller Centre, enjoying all that Magnolia Bakery has to offer.

That night, we went to Pearl Oyster Bar: mind-blowing mussels, lobster and skate. Anyone who’s visiting NYC: I highly recommend it, even though it’s slightly out of the way of any other attractions, and you’d have to line up to get a table… worth it. Totally worth it.

And of course, we ended off the night at Times Square! I thought it’d be like Yonge/Dundas Square on steroids, but it’s not even comparable. You don’t feel like you’re in NYC until you go to Times Square.

More about the rest of the trip later!!


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