NYC – Wrapping Up the Whole Shebang!

13 Jul

Day 3

Ready to head out on our last day in the Big Apple. Another sizzling day!

We went to Central Park, which was absolutely gorgeous. There are so many mini-parks buried within Central Park, and each one that we stumbled upon was cuter than the last. Here we are at a pond with dozens of tiny sailboats on it, zipping across the water.

Then we found Belevedere Castle, which was elevated over the rest of the park and provided us an amazing view.

Too bad our time in Central Park was cut short, but we had to rush to see Chicago on Broadway. Holy shit. What a fuckin amazing production. I thought that because the plot followed the movie exactly, I would be slightly bored, but I stopped drawing comparisons from the onset because the caliber of the performers just blew me out of the water. We even saw a few of the actors after the show and they were such personable, down-to-earth people. Very cool. 🙂

After Chicago, we lounged in Times Square for a while, just soaking it in. Ladies, was this our best attempt at Where’s Waldo?? Sad… very sad, lol.

Come dinner time, we went back to our hotel to change and get ready.

Here we are at Pastis, in the meat packing district, for our last dinner in NYC! It had a Distillery District type of ambiance, much like the neighbourhood it was nestled in.

I just realized that I had seafood for every single dinner in NYC, lol. And they were all excellent. M Night Shyamalan.

Post dinner, we strolled to the nearby harbour overlooking the Hudson River and onto New Jersey in the distance.

Here’s me and Linda! Thanks to Linda for taking all these stellar pictures of us during the trip! And also for curling my hair, hehe. 🙂

And of course – last night in NYC, had to hit up a club. I haven’t gone on a clubbing GNO in soo long… lots of fun. 🙂  The club was nicer than most places you’d find in Toronto, and fully equipped with its impromptu conga drummer and square white boy in polo dancing in the corner, LOL. No, but seriously, it was a really good night. 😀

We stumbled home, exhausted and happy, exactly the way we should be at the end of a great trip.

Can’t wait to go back, aiming to do so before the end of the year! 🙂


2 Responses to “NYC – Wrapping Up the Whole Shebang!”

  1. linda July 13, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    nice summary daisy! i was gonna do something similar but looks like you got everything covered 😀 it’ll be really nice to look back and refresh our memories later on. btw, the last restruant we went to was called Pastis, where did you get Lupa from LOL.

    • Daisy July 14, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

      LOL thanks for catching that… i dunno where i got it from either, haha! xD
      yeah, thanks for taking the pictures to document the trip! ❤

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