Orange with Almond Silvers

23 Jul

It feels like forever since I blogged.

WordPress deleted one of my other blogs and also my main WordPress account, so now I’m on my work account blogging on my personal blog…

Boo… stupid WordPress. 😦 (please don’t delete this account too, lol…)

So, what’ve I been up to…

Mmm.. there’s a new love in my life…

Dark chocolate. It’s become a staple in my diet. Some days, I even have it for breakfast, lol. I know, disgusting, lol. I, of all people, know how unhealthy that is. I’ll try to wean myself off of it. Everything in moderation.

What else, what else… highlights incl:

– Summerlicious (I feel like it’s so overdone now, lol…)

– picnic in the park

– celebrated daddy’s birthday by taking the ‘rents out for dinner, and finally having some quality conversation with them these days… 🙂

– quit dance b/c I hated the new choreographer

– racked up a whole lotta bug bites all over my body from being outside so much and from having sweet sweet nectar coursing through my veins

And last weekend was pretty much a write-off for me.

I’d been taking T3 for my cramps and then had a bit of alcohol Friday night, and before I knew it, I was getting the shakes and the chills in the middle of the theatre while watching Inception. I started fading in and out of consciousness throughout the movie (what I saw of it was excellent though, LOL!).

Later that night, I passed out in Melvin’s roommate’s room en route to the washroom, and spent the next few hours on the floor/bed in a diaphoretic, delirious state, believing that I was going to die if I fell asleep, and telling Melvin about my plans to build a secret city under the rule of Henri.

Then, once my delirium wore off, I slept for 16 hours until 7pm the next day LOL. Had dinner with Melv & Ran Tan (rantanrantanrantan), then more passing out… I managed to wake up in time to go to Centre Island for the beach day with buddies. Feeling fine and having a good time….

And then, dinner with Melvie in Little Italy. A nice little restaurant, with good food and live music. But then, I started feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous again after… Melvin claimed it was the wine, but I have my doubts. Whatever it was, it left me bedridden and took me out for the next little while… I slept through most of Monday as well, lol.

I probably got more sleep in that weekend than I do most entire weeks.

Hopefully, this upcoming weekend will be better…

Summerlicious with Liquid Assets

– seeing Jaron who came back from Seattle for a couple of weeks… tennis if the weather’s nice, and the Beaches Jazz Festival

– hopefully racking up the energy to do a 5K run on Sunday (with Yunjie doing the 10K) and then hanging out with Philc for the rest of the day. Bonjour Brioche! 😀

Oh! Work has been super exciting as of late! Perhaps another blog post about that later… 🙂

P.S. I ruined a perfect cup of hazelnut coffee with some Sweet N Low shit… how upsetting. It deserved better. And so do I. The only thing that can combat this near-irreversible damage is dark chocolate.



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