My 23rd Birthday Wish

28 Jul

My birthday is in a week.

If you were planning on buying me a present, don’t.

I pretty much have everything I need. But there is a gift you could give that would make my day.

Click to see My Birthday Wish

If you go to the special page I created, you’ll find out what I want for my birthday.

Why charity:water?

Well to start off, water is a key building block for creating sustainable, long-term communities… [learn more here: guaranteed not a yawnfest].

But if you need assurance that your money is going to a good place:

1. 100% of public donations go to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need [how is this possible?][numbers don’t lie]

2. Donate $20 toward buying a well for a village that doesn’t have one, and you can supply clean water to one person for twenty years. There’s nothing more worthwhile that you can spend $20 on.

3. Every dollar is tracked. You can clearly track the water project that your money supported. In 12-18 months, you’ll be able to see results using GPS and photos [prove it].

Not your cup of tea?

No worries, no obligations. But I ask you to at least check the idea out… I think it’s worthwhile.

Once again, here’s the link to my personal page: Daisy’s 23rd Birthday Wish

Happy charity day!

And thanks.

P.S. You should also come celebrate my birthday with me: my 23rd birthday celebration


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