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Performance Test

21 Aug

Another dose of office humour. 🙂


This is Jim

20 Aug

Feathers, Floats, and Flesh!

10 Aug

I’ve been having a hectic couple of weeks. Last, last weekend, my auntie, cousin and grandma came to visit Vancouver/Toronto for a couple of weeks and stayed at our place for a week. It was really nice having a full house for once, and it reminded me of how much I’ve always wanted a big family.

Daddy and I took them around the city, and visited the CN Tower, Centre Island, Chinatown, UofT, Yonge/Dundas Square, and Eaton Centre. And lucky for them, it was Caribana weekend, so we went to the parade, which was SO MUCH FUN! 😀 Too bad there was the fence blocking everything off, but it was still a big party, pumped with loud music, dancing and energy.

I also got the chance to connect with my cousin a bit, which was only made possible because his English was pretty good. He told me about his super cute model girlfriend, the dance studio he has in his basement, the performances his popping team puts on, his aspirations to start his own business, and just told me about what life is like for a college student in China.

He’s studying business in university, so we related about how useless and inapplicable a lot of business courses are to the workplace, and then I astounded him with the concept of mixed gender dorms in Canadian universities LOL.

awk pic but the only one i could find hah

My aunt is super nice, and brought me lots of presents (mostly jewelry) and made us really really good spicy food. 😀

The grandma was hilarious, she’s so lively and cheerful and wore outfits with ducks and belly dancers on it, and she absolutely LOVED Caribana, which I found extremely surprising because I was originally worried that she would be offended by all the nudity, lol.

And of course, my cousin turned out to be super cool, and not mainland lame like I had anticipated (no offense) lol.

I was sad to see them go, but they invited me to visit them in Shen Zhen next year. I just might! 😀

Paper Tweet

4 Aug

lol! paper tweets! only 140 character spaces for you to leave a message.

ohhh the irony! 😀

Happy International Moustache Day!

1 Aug