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Benefits of a Bicycle

29 Jul

I’m very pro biking-to-work. 😀

And I was so happy to see this billboard in NYC:

That’s right! I bike. And how great do I look?

Hahaha… don’t answer that.


Tone Time :D

28 Jul

I’ll be damned if I’m going to California in the worst shape I’ve been in all year, haha.

sighh, dreaming of San Diego...

I don’t believe in countdown workouts – I think the entire mentality of it is stupid – but I do need something to kick-start a good, solid strength training program again.

If not the Cali trip, then it was seeing super-fit people at the Beaches run this past weekend that reminded me of how I was once one of them… one of them… haha.

If not that, then it’s Melvin making fun of me for being a weak little girl. I’m certainly not used to that. It’s usually the other way around for me, lolz.

Yes, so I’m going to start compiling targeted strength workouts and try to work in at least two a week. I’ll try to post them on the blog too!

P.S. If you have any inspiring workouts to share, I would love to give them a try!!! I know that I have some fitness junkie friends out there… heh. 😉 I don’t have a whole lot of equipment: 3/5/10lb dumbbells, yoga mat, exercise ball. And a treadmill, but I like to stay away from that during the summer.

this pic is for contrast, haha

On a related note, I’m very very excited for San Diego! I already have my tan down!! I’m gonna come back Puerto Rican, haha. 😀


Tasty Guide to Eating Sensibly

10 Jul

I found this cool little food site that educates you on what fruits and vegetables are in season, so that you can get the freshest and most eco-friendly food, all year round! There’s a bunch of other fun stuff on it too, like recipes and preparation tips.

A fun tool for foodies out there! Visit the website to see the…

“Eat Sensibly” calendar! 🙂

You can also download a printable…

Tasty Little Guide to Eating Seasonably

that highlights the most in-season vegetable each month! hehe, very cool!

I’m picnicking in the park today for lunch, making salad + sandwiches with all this nutritious goodness! Yummm! ❤

Cheers, and have a great weekend, everyone! 🙂

I miss working out :(

23 Jun

It’s been a good two months (maybe more) since I’ve worked out. And I mean really worked out.

I bike and take walks, and that’s exercise, I guess, but… it’s just not the same as doing a real workout.

I miss doing weights. I miss doing circuits. Hell, I even miss doing plyometrics.

I mean, I hated plyo, but I loved it at the same time because it was such a struggle for me. I remember the first time I tried it, I died after 20 minutes. I mean, you couldn’t have paid me to do one more minute of plyo: I was on the ground, wheezing, couldn’t even get oxygen into my lungs fast enough, and my body burned like mad for days after. But after a few weeks, I was handling plyo like a pro: I could do an hour of it, no probs (granted, I could only do it once a week, max)… and I was quite proud of that, haha.

I also miss running. Running used to be my thing. I could plug into my mp3 player and run to no end. Now, I get winded after 15 minutes. I’m scared to even pick up plyo again after months of not doing it, it’s too confrontational for me, lol.

I haven’t worked out for a long time because I get too tired from biking to work. Once I get home, I’m already pooped. Even on days when I don’t bike to work, it’s too damn hot for me to work out. I’m already sweating up a storm just sitting in my room, it’s unfathomable for me to get up and do anything except eat watermelon, lol.

I know that makes me sound like a pussy, but I’m really sensitive to heat. Wouldn’t be the first time I fainted from heat exhaustion.

The first shocker that I was super out of shape was when I was trying to do 30-30-30 for dragonboat and I could barely force myself through 30 push-ups. What happened man?? I used to be able to do 80-something push-ups, and now I’m just another weak little girl. 😦

Very disappointed in myself. I’m doing another 10K run in July. Maybe that’ll be motivation for me to get back into shape.

Stroke Harder

20 May

It’s dragonboat time, biznatches!

I’m the official caller for my ol’ dragonboat team this season (ye ye Liquid Assets!).

Yayy!! When Derek told me that they saved me a team jersey, I was so touched… I get to be part of the team again, and this time, without having to swallow a gallon of Lake Ontario water during weekly practices… lol.

I’m super excited!! I miss the team so much, and I miss the thrill of competition. 😀

Our first race in Milton is in less than two weeks! 😀 I don’t want to seem like an out-of-shape loser, so I’m going to work out to prepare, haha. But not *too* hard… don’t want my hulk muscles to weigh down the boat (I’m joking, haha).

Fortunately, I lost 5lbs since the 10K run… so… there you go, taking one for the team, lol.

Anywayyyyy, alright, time to make that jersey proud! ❤

Train hard, Liquid Assets! No alcohol, no Mickey D’s, and no dropping the paddle when you think Melvie’s not looking! Melvie’s always looking…

Eww, it’s Melvie. I mean, eww, it’s me with short hair. 🙂