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How To Transform Your Hoodie Into A Computer Sleeve

30 Jul

Whhaaaaat?!?! Totally gonna try this! And this is why all my electronics get smashed. 🙂


Optimal Steeping Time Of Tea

19 Jul

Charity: Who Cares?

9 Jun

Some of the info, esp. near the end, is quite interesting. =)

Omg… I just discovered… the Cleavage Caddy!!!

3 Jun

Omg, forgive me while I out-airhead myself. This is the single. greatest. invention. ever. for the party girl. 😐

Should I? The website looks so shady, and the product is just laughable, but if it actually works and isn’t a scam, this would be the most gloriously convenient product I own, haha.

Outdoor Ads

3 Jun

Haha, this guy’s so boss.


Billboard on top of Hard Rock Cafe at Yonge/Dundas Square

Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds

A subway ad for a funeral services company. If you come closer, you’ll need their services, LOL.

Hahaha, Rona put their banner underneath the iPod billboard.

Hate dropped calls? Cingular ad.

McDonalds’s use of a lamp post, heh.