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Dime Divas of Hip Hop/R&B

28 Jan

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1. Miss Keri Baby

Dayyum, Keri’s turning out to be a bad-ass chick. She’s getting finer by the day. “In A Perfect World”, a solid album.

“You know that I love you, you know that I need you, you’re my air, girl, I breathe you. So don’t try to change me.” Continue reading


5 New Albums I’d Recommend =)

25 Jan

I picked some albums from late 2009 that I liked. 5 albums, each a different genre: dance, pop, rock, hip hop, r&b.

CLICK ON THE ALBUM COVER TO DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM. I uploaded them myself, so they’re safe. Enjoy! 😀

1. Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster

Genre: Electropop/Dance

The Skinny: Lady Gaga is up to her normal shenanigans, and she fails to disappoint. gaga oo la la, want her bad romance.

Fav tracks: Bad Romance, Speechless, Telephone Continue reading

break up songs (:

18 Jan

A good friend of mine asked me for some good break-up songs, and since I myself just rebounded from a relationship and  still had my stash of break-up songs readily available, I thought I’d share it. For some reason or another, thinking back on it, I actually end up giving my friends break up songs a lot, lol. xD

Separated them out into subcategories:

Clearly Not Over You

Alicia Keys – Doesn’t Mean Anything

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together

Melanie Fiona – Please Don’t Go/Crybaby

Black Eyed Peas – Missing You

Jesse McCartney – How Do You Sleep

John Mayer – Friends, Lovers, or Nothing*

Ne-Yo – So Sick

Kanye West – Welcome To Heartbreak

Leona Lewis – Better In Time* Continue reading