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April Showers Bring May Flowers

7 May

It’s Friiiiidayyy!!!

During my lunch today, I took my bike out to pick up flowers for Mother’s Day. I glanced outside and it was dark and cloudy, but I decided that I was going to beat the rain.

I didn’t.

Biking back in the pouring rain was amazing and disgusting at the same time, and I even had a near-epic crash on the way back that left mud stains all over my pants (but my flowers still in tact). Fortunately, the rain from the rest of the bike ride washed out most of the mud, lol. Now I know why they call it showers. >_<

I got back to the office looking like the end of Xtina’s “Dirrty” video, but played it so cool, no one even dared ask (learned that from Chungtron, haha!).

La Rocca

A bunch of us then went out to La Rocca for cake. Apparently, La Rocca is hailed as one of the best cake places around.

<– Mine was fan-freakin’-tastic. One of those “orgasm in my mouth moments”… I’m still thinkin’ about it. 😐

Made up for my disasterous bike ride. 😛

Mother’s Day Planning

Now, I’m settling into a non-eventful weekend. Once again, I’ve let my errands and chores pile up because I keep going out every weekend, so this weekend, I aim to get those taken care of.

Also gonna devote some time to the flower arrangement for mom, perhaps make a personalized card, and work out a menu for the Mother’s Day dinner that I’m cooking. Because she’s a sick sick woman, she can’t eat anything spicy, dry, sweet, baked, or containing dairy. Good luck to me… lol.

If you guys have any dish suggestions that meet the aforementioned requirements, please please let me know!!

Now I’m going to unwind with me herbal tea & hazelnut egg rolls and catch up on some shows, then spend some family time!

Ciao! xoxoxo


Biking To Work Is The Bee’s Knees :]

5 May

W00t! I finally started biking to work! It takes me about 40 minutes each way, so I get a really good workout through it. Biking to work everyday (weather permitting) is one of my goals in May. I’m definitely going to keep this up. 🙂

Best Things About Biking To Work!

1. I get my share of vit D, sunshine and fresh air.

2. I arrive at work with a rosy glow on my cheeks and a Cheshire cat grin that makes my co-workers think that I got lucky the night before. 😉

3. I arrive at work energized and ready to go!

4. I get my exercise through my commute. And this is probably the only way I could ever bring myself to exercise in the morning. xD

5. I save on gas money and the environment. Yay! 😀

Worst Things About Biking To Work 😦

1. Some days when it’s hot, I arrive at work sweaty and nasty. Ew.

2. My bike seat is super hard and it really hurts my ass. I even bought a seat cushion, and it still hurts my ass. I just don’t have enough junk in my trunk to cushion myself. 😦

3. It’s only a matter of time before I get hit by an Asian lady driving a Honda in Markham.