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My 23rd Birthday Wish

28 Jul

My birthday is in a week.

If you were planning on buying me a present, don’t.

I pretty much have everything I need. But there is a gift you could give that would make my day.

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23 Mar

I’m always too tired after the weekend to blog about my weekend,which is unfortunate, because weekends are the only times when anything interesting happens to me.


Last Friday, I went downtown right after work to do some shopping. I got 3 white dress shirts to wear to a Dallas conference that’s coming up soon (yay, imbursed! :D) from Jacob, H&M & Suzy Shier. Then I rushed off to karaoke at DY Karaoke. The venue was really not my cup of tea, lol. The sound system and mics weren’t great, the remote wasn’t responsive, and the song selection wasn’t “English” enough for me. But good friends and complementary food made the night. 😀


On Saturday, I did some Yorkville shopping and picked up a few things… then plopped myself down on a couch at Urbana and just chilled out to a Chai Charger & my iPod, wrote Chung’s bday card, read a little, dozed a little… and passed the better part of 2 hours that way. It was really nice to feel like I have to answer to no one, and best of all, I felt like I was home again… I guess I’m still a downtown girl at heart. xD


I met up with Coolin after, and we went to the legendary Guu Izakaya. 😛 There was a mini concert outside the doors… looked like a 2 hour line up.  We decided that it would be worth the wait, and actually ended up getting in after only a 1 hour wait. It was definitely worth it. As soon as we walked in the doors, the entire staff yells out “WELCOME” in Japanese. They do this for everyone that walks in the restaurant, so even throughout our dinner, we would hear their yells every now and then. T’was very festive.

The food was pretty amazing too… didn’t look overly fancy, but still stuff that you wouldn’t normally cook at home, and it just tasted so fresh and unique. We got the salmon natto yukke, grilled saba, moriawase and yakiudon. Yum yum! And we had real wasabi for the first time. I didn’t appreciate it b/c I don’t like wasabi, but I think Coolin did, lol. When we left the restaurant, the entire staff yelled out “Thank you for your business!” in Japanese, lol. I felt special even though they do this for everyone. 😛

Coffee chat

After dinner, we went to Urbana again for our (now) regular coffee date. We got kicked out after an hour b/c they were closing down, so we migrated to a Timmies down the street. We ended up chatting for 5 STRAIGHT HOURS there before we realized it was 3AM. Holy crap. We were amazed that so much time had passed by, we were totally unaware of it. Quality conversation though. 🙂


On Sunday, I woke up at noon and dashed into the subway to head to Lucy’s for Chung’s bday party. We started off by watching The Matrix (the epicness of which makes me want to marathon LOTR all of a sudden :P), made sushi, I learned how to play Star Wars Duel (lol), we played True Colors, had hot pot, played Salad, and had chocolate & egg tarts in lieu of the birthday cake. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

I’m actually quite excited to get back to work, haha! A lot of exciting changes happening at work these days… keeps me on my toes. 🙂

Plus, my dance class starts on Wednesday! I’m excited! haha 😀