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The Book That Changed Your Life

18 Mar

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2 Mar

Yayyy it’s March! The sky is no longer dark by the time I head home from work, and the air is crisp and fresh but not bitingly peel-my-skin-off so. This recent weather turnaround is setting the perfect mood to launch a brand new month with my new personal goals. 😀

1. For the soul >> take a class: I registered for a dance class, everything from hip hop to salsa! Should be fun! I’m excited, hahaha. It’s starting 3rd week of March! 😀

2. For the mind >> branch out with books: I remember how much I used to love reading with I was a kid. Then high school and university hit, and the last thing I wanted to do was pick up another book during my free time. I’m trying to get back into reading again. My plan? To get my friends to recommend books for me to read. More on this later. ;)

3. For the body >> no packaged foods: more specifically, I mean to eliminate/cut down processed foods. I’ll still be eating packaged “natural” foods like milk and eggs. For me, this really just means no cookies, no canned soups, no canned fish, no candy bars… those are the only things I can think of that I eat semi-regularly.


And what happened to my February goals?

1. Write a letter in Chinese to my family for CNY. Check! Thank god for Google Translator, haha.

2. Catch up with friends via coffee dates. Check! Good to get back in touch with everyone!! (well, not everyone… a couple flaked on me… you know who you are :P)

3. 100 push ups challenge. I finished the 6 week workout plan for the 100 push ups challenge, but I still haven’t gotten around to doing the final test yet. The only days I remember are on days when I do arms, for some reason… so I feel like it wouldn’t be fair to do the test on those days. 😛


24 Feb