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Feathers, Floats, and Flesh!

10 Aug

I’ve been having a hectic couple of weeks. Last, last weekend, my auntie, cousin and grandma came to visit Vancouver/Toronto for a couple of weeks and stayed at our place for a week. It was really nice having a full house for once, and it reminded me of how much I’ve always wanted a big family.

Daddy and I took them around the city, and visited the CN Tower, Centre Island, Chinatown, UofT, Yonge/Dundas Square, and Eaton Centre. And lucky for them, it was Caribana weekend, so we went to the parade, which was SO MUCH FUN! 😀 Too bad there was the fence blocking everything off, but it was still a big party, pumped with loud music, dancing and energy.

I also got the chance to connect with my cousin a bit, which was only made possible because his English was pretty good. He told me about his super cute model girlfriend, the dance studio he has in his basement, the performances his popping team puts on, his aspirations to start his own business, and just told me about what life is like for a college student in China.

He’s studying business in university, so we related about how useless and inapplicable a lot of business courses are to the workplace, and then I astounded him with the concept of mixed gender dorms in Canadian universities LOL.

awk pic but the only one i could find hah

My aunt is super nice, and brought me lots of presents (mostly jewelry) and made us really really good spicy food. 😀

The grandma was hilarious, she’s so lively and cheerful and wore outfits with ducks and belly dancers on it, and she absolutely LOVED Caribana, which I found extremely surprising because I was originally worried that she would be offended by all the nudity, lol.

And of course, my cousin turned out to be super cool, and not mainland lame like I had anticipated (no offense) lol.

I was sad to see them go, but they invited me to visit them in Shen Zhen next year. I just might! 😀


Life’s A Beach :]

26 Jul


Summerlicious with Liquid Assets @Biff’s Bistro.

LA @Biff Bistro

The food was alright. The company, much better. The restaurant also provided entertainment in the form of a cougar with two less-than-appealing young chaps as her dinner companions, and a young Asian couple that literally did not say one word to each other the entire night, making for the most awkward 2-hour dinner I had ever witnessed, lol.

Anyhooo, after dinner, we stroll over to St Lawrence Mark & then parked ourselves at a bar for drinks, and incredibly appropriate topics of conversation were had. 😐

Then sexy time with Jacky after. LOL


Brunch with Helen @ Over Easy. Helen is still Helen. Everyone who knows Helen knows what that means, hahaha.

Then, I was supposed to do tennis with Jaron, but weather didn’t allow it, so we had a super chill, non-active day instead. Went condo shopping (it’s our thang), then watched Inception, and this time without me passing out 4 times in a drug-induced delirium.

Then we went to the Rex for dinner. Good jazz, decent food, horrible wine.

so cute! haha

Jaron decided to save the partying for next Friday, so I saw Descpicable Me with Yunjie. Cute, mindlessly entertaining movie… couldn’t have been more different from Inception, but it was exactly what I wanted.

Called it a night early because we committed to the 5K run the next morning. 😀


The Beaches Jazz Festival 5K Run, first thing in the morning! I have to say, there are few things better than the feeling of completing a run first thing in the morning. I originally semi-committed to the 10K, but because I fell ill, I scaled it back to the 5K instead. Tbh, I was scared to even do the 5K because I hadn’t run for 2 months, and I’d been eating nothing but chocolate for the past week, lolz. But it turned out to be super breezy! I almost wish I had done the 10K instead… now I can’t wait for my next 10K! And Yunjie’s gonna do it with me!!! 😀

After the run, we grabbed our freebies, then headed over to Bonjour Brioche for brunch with Phil. Bonjour Brioche was exactly what I expected it to be… the perfect little brunch place with good service and fuckin amazing coffee, brewed just to my liking, albeit the place was a little cramped and overcrowded. I got the smoked salmon, eggs & rosti potato, and it was excellenttttttttttttttt. I’d highly recommend it. 🙂

After brunch, we headed back to Woodbine Beach and strolled through the Boardwalk, then checked out Kew Gardens for the Beaches Jazz Festival.

Then Phil and I did a bit of shopping along Queen St East: went to Binz (that place makes me so happy!!!) and then bookstore shopping, where I picked up a special book for a special boy. 😉

Then we just chillaxed on a patio for pre-dinner and had a nice chat. 😀

Altogether, a nice, relaxing day outside.

daddy's bday last week

I got home in time for dinner with the fam, followed by a post-dinner stroll with my parents, where my dad regaled us with his tales of childhood as a strapping young lad in rural China, hahaha. Oh dad…

Can’t wait for long weekend coming up!!! 😀


18 Jun

It’s T-1 day to Centre Island, and Mother Nature has, once again, blessed me with her monthly gift, and it’s supposed to be thunder storming this weekend. Fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for a better combination. [I know, I’m such an annoying whiner when I’m on my cycle..]

My laryngitis has only made minimal improvements over the week, but my coughing as gotten a lot better. The Calmylin that my Facebook pharmacist recommended has worked pretty well (it also makes me pass out within an hour of taking it) to mitigate my cough attacks, but the antibiotics are doing absolute shit for me. Granted, I did miss two doses due to my own carelessness, so I have no one to blame but myself.

In light of all that, I am quite excited about the upcoming weekend. I’m going to see a magic show!! I’m seeing Masters of Magic, one of the Luminato events tonight. Knowing how easily impressed I am with magic, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. 😀

Plus, of course, I have the dragonboat races at Centre Island this weekend. I encourage you to come watch us race on Sunday! The festival itself is tons of fun for spectators, and of course, my team and I would enjoy the support. 🙂

Then, there’s also Father’s Day. I feel so bad. This year, I put in even less effort for Father’s Day than last year. Both years, it conflicted with the dragonboat races, so I never really had time to do anything with my dad, so I just end up buying him a present and making dinner for him. =\

It’s disappointing because I think my dad is secretly very sentimental about these things; sometimes I stumble across cards and presents that I’ve gotten him from previous years, and pictures of us tucked away in various crevices in his study room. Whereas my mom, on the other hand, uses the cards that I get her for scrap paper and I would find it in the recycling a week later… lol.

Either way, another promising weekend up ahead! Have a good one! 🙂

Happy Family Day!!!

15 Feb

Happy Family Day!!!

I’m cozying up with my fam for most of the day. Spending the morning baking with mum, and then we’re going to have some family friends over for the afternoon/dinner.

In commemoration of Family Day, here are some of my fav songs about family:

1. It Don’t Have To Change – John Legend

“Oh do you remember
When the family was everything?
Oh do you remember?
It was so long ago and so much has changed

It’s a song about the fondness of thinking back on childhood memories of family, and reflecting on how things are different now, but the love is still there. 🙂 Continue reading

Parenting fail.

15 Feb

Lesson of the day: learn to appreciate your family.

throwing caution to the wind

dora the backseat biker explorer

hahaha... owned.

Continue reading