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Music Mondays: Featured Femcees

29 Mar

Nicki Minaj + some others… that’s pretty much how the femcee arena’s lookin’ right now.

Ain’t nothing compared to Lauryn Hill days, buuuut these are some of the sickest beats I ever heard, and it keeps me movin’, so can’t complain. 😉

***Explicit content up ahead, fobs go no further, lol***

Ludacris ft. Diamond, Trina & Eve (Remix) – My Chick Bad

Nice. Remix much better than original. No hate on Nicki Minaj though.

Trina ft. Keri Hilson & Diddy – Million Dollar Girl

Yay, Keri!

Mariah Carey ft Nicki Minaj – Up Out My Face

Annoying… but kinda cute at the same time.

Usher ft Nicki Minaj – Little Freak

Gangsta production value.

Young Money ft Nicki Minaj, Tyga & Lil Wayne – Roger That

Pretty sick.

Young Money – Bed Rock

Was overplayed, but now I’m feelin’ it again.

Yo Gotti ft Trina & Nicki Minaj – Five Star Chick


Timbaland ft Bran’ Nu – Meet In Tha Middle

Whoa, can’t believe this is the new Brandy.

Ester Dean ft Chris Brown – Drop It Low

Cameos galore!

Ludacris ft Nicki Minaj – My Chick Bad

The original. Still good. 🙂

Requested mp3s will be in my Music Box!

Happy Monday! 😀