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Great Ads For Great Causes

30 Apr

Just a compilation of some of my fav cause-marketing ads! Enjoy! 🙂


Get Up And Run


Feed SA Shopping Cart Posters

Oh man, that’d get me.

Suicide Prevention Posters

I wonder how they keep her from falling off the poster. Just sayin’. :S


No snow. 😦

DDB (agency)

An ad created in a pool to warn about global warming. Not sure I’d want to be reminded of this while I swim, but a good concept nevertheless.

Diesel’s Global Warming Ads

New York City

Great Wall of China


Top 5 Superbowl Ads

8 Feb

Overall, I was pretty disappointed with this year’s line up. None of them were very outside-the-box or revolutionized advertising by any means. I did like a few though. Here’s a round-up of my top 5:

5. Kia: Joyride

Yayyy, Mojo the sock monkey!! Continue reading