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NYC – Wrapping Up the Whole Shebang!

13 Jul

Day 3

Ready to head out on our last day in the Big Apple. Another sizzling day!

We went to Central Park, which was absolutely gorgeous. There are so many mini-parks buried within Central Park, and each one that we stumbled upon was cuter than the last. Here we are at a pond with dozens of tiny sailboats on it, zipping across the water.

Then we found Belevedere Castle, which was elevated over the rest of the park and provided us an amazing view.

Too bad our time in Central Park was cut short, but we had to rush to see Chicago on Broadway. Holy shit. What a fuckin amazing production. I thought that because the plot followed the movie exactly, I would be slightly bored, but I stopped drawing comparisons from the onset because the caliber of the performers just blew me out of the water. We even saw a few of the actors after the show and they were such personable, down-to-earth people. Very cool. 🙂

After Chicago, we lounged in Times Square for a while, just soaking it in. Ladies, was this our best attempt at Where’s Waldo?? Sad… very sad, lol.

Come dinner time, we went back to our hotel to change and get ready.

Here we are at Pastis, in the meat packing district, for our last dinner in NYC! It had a Distillery District type of ambiance, much like the neighbourhood it was nestled in.

I just realized that I had seafood for every single dinner in NYC, lol. And they were all excellent. M Night Shyamalan.

Post dinner, we strolled to the nearby harbour overlooking the Hudson River and onto New Jersey in the distance.

Here’s me and Linda! Thanks to Linda for taking all these stellar pictures of us during the trip! And also for curling my hair, hehe. 🙂

And of course – last night in NYC, had to hit up a club. I haven’t gone on a clubbing GNO in soo long… lots of fun. 🙂  The club was nicer than most places you’d find in Toronto, and fully equipped with its impromptu conga drummer and square white boy in polo dancing in the corner, LOL. No, but seriously, it was a really good night. 😀

We stumbled home, exhausted and happy, exactly the way we should be at the end of a great trip.

Can’t wait to go back, aiming to do so before the end of the year! 🙂


NYC – Jazz It Up!

12 Jul

Day 2

First thing after waking up, we go to Cupcake Cafe for cupcakes, hehe. The cupcakes looked super cute, but tasted quite average. xD I don’t think anything could’ve compared after Magnolia Bakery, haha.

We high-tailed it to Momofuku Noodle Bar, which yielded big, yummy ramen bowls for lunch. Full and satisfied, we still decided to pay Chickalicious a visit for dessert. Once we finished refueling, we subway-ed to visit various districts in Manhattan: Chinatown (boring), Little Italy (quaint), and SOHO (shopping haven).

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were pooped from an entire day of walking.

After plopping onto the soft, welcoming hotel bed, we didn’t want to get up again, but we managed to muster up the energy to get dressed and ready for dinner.

Annndddd here we are at Aldea waiting for our table…

Dinner was amazing here. I had this milky, coconut mackerel appetizer and char with passion fruit… very unique tastes.  And the ambiance was perfectly conducive to good conversation, which is what was had. 🙂

After dinner, we went to Garage jazz lounge. So so so much fun!!!

What a poppin’ place! The jazz band that was playing that night was excellent. There’s nothing I love more than watching musicians that are completely submerged and enamoured by their own music. How can you not have a good time? 😀

We wouldn’t be able to tell ya.

NYC – Our First Taste

12 Jul

For your reading/viewing pleasure, it’s time to recap my NYC trip with my girlies from last weekend!

Day 1

After a grueling 10+ hr overnight bus ride down to NYC, we arrived downtown at Grand Central Station early in the morning and checked into our hotel.

The concierge recommended a nearby cafe that would be perfect for lunch, so we strolled over to Bryant Park, where there was an outdoors cafe that overlooked a beautiful park situated right in the midst of the concrete jungle.  It was the perfect atmosphere for unwinding after the long trip down.

After lunch, we went to the New York Library to use the Internet (lol) but, to our surprise, the building’s interior was architecturally stunning. We ended up staying there for a couple of hours.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the Museum of Modern Art. MoMA really brought me back… to all the years of studying art and back in the day when I wanted to be an architect, haha. Anyway, the visit was such a pleasant blast into the past that I was feeling super euphoric afterwards.

Then we hit up a wondrous place called Magnolia Bakery, home of melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes, brownies to die for, and the best cupcakes in the world. After sampling a bunch of their delicacies, I considered ordering boxes of the stuff to bring back with me to Toronto. And I thought that was desperate, when I told my boss about it last week, he confessed that one day, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, and called Magnolia Bakery to see if they would deliver to Toronto, LOL!

Here’s us sitting at Rockefeller Centre, enjoying all that Magnolia Bakery has to offer.

That night, we went to Pearl Oyster Bar: mind-blowing mussels, lobster and skate. Anyone who’s visiting NYC: I highly recommend it, even though it’s slightly out of the way of any other attractions, and you’d have to line up to get a table… worth it. Totally worth it.

And of course, we ended off the night at Times Square! I thought it’d be like Yonge/Dundas Square on steroids, but it’s not even comparable. You don’t feel like you’re in NYC until you go to Times Square.

More about the rest of the trip later!!