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I run this town!

2 May

I lived the Sporting Life to the fullest this weekend. 😉

Catching up with Pheebz

I went to Sporting Life @Yonge/Eglinton Saturday morning to pick up my registration kit for the 10K run. They have a chip that you attach to your shoe and you can sign up online for the time logged on the chip to show up on your Facebook wall within minutes of you finishing the race! How cool is that, haha!

I met up with Pheebz for lunch downtown. We went to Aunties & Uncles – long line up again, but worth it – and then went for gelato in Little Italy. Always good to see an old friend and catch up. 😀

Date Night with Yunjie

After, I went to Yunjie’s place and we went to Extreme Fitness together. I showed Yunjie a few strength workouts and we got to watch a really metro guy with tight jean cut-off shorts dance passionately to Britney Spears beside us in the fitness room, hahaha. Anywayyy, the workout was fun! Can’t wait to do more!

We had a rushed dinner and rushed off to see Date Night at Varsity. It was actually SOOOO funny! I wasn’t expecting all that much (I never do from these types of cheesy comedies) but I guess you can’t go wrong with comedic geniuses like Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. 😀 After the movie, we just went for coffee and chatted until I realized that I was past my bedtime! Had to sleep early for the run on Sunday!

Sporting Life 10K Run

Sunday morning. 6:30am. Rise and shine! Quickly ate breakfast with Yunjie (holy crap that girl woke up at 6:30 on her own accord to eat breakfast with me, lol) and dashed off to the race! The race site was a sea of runners. 15,000 runners all gathered in one spot, it was pretty amazing. And something about that crisp 7am air was so refreshing, it woke me right up even though I got out of bed so drowsy.

I was standing with my corral (they separate us into corrals according to the estimated time to completion) before the run started and everyone around me were talking about other marathons and triathalons that they had done, and I was like oh shit… I think I’m in the wrong corral, lol. They were actually seriously psyching me out, and I had to wait for like half an hour before the race actually started and I was getting the jitters, so I tried to stretch it off. xD But the race got off to a smooth start, and there wasn’t as much congestion at the start line as I’m used to.

0-4km – I was going strong, passing most people, and it was pretty easy breezy,

4km – I had to stop to pee, and I was in such a hurry that I busted open a port-a-potty with a guy peeing inside. He whipped around and was like WTF and I went on to find a vacant one, LOL!

4-7km wasn’t as strong but I was still holding my own and keeping up the pace, albeit with more strain

7-10km was damn hard! I was slowing down with every step, and by 8km, I felt like my legs were going to dislocate. My breathing became laboured, I started running with bad form, and people started passing me. So embarassing, haha. But all I needed was a sign that the end was near and by the 9km point, I had renewed energy to spring and burst past the finish line. What an amazing feeling! It’s just as great as they make it seem in movies, the feeling of gathering up the last bits of your energy to finish strong is unparalleled to anything! 😀

My final time was 53:02! I’m pretty proud of myself! 😀 And even though my groin felt really pulled and painful, it’s a good satisfying pain, haha.

Hot Docs with Philc

So after the race, I stuffed my face ravenously, got my medal, and hi-tailed it outta there because it was just starting to rain. I met up with Phil soon after and we went to Hot Docs, the documentary film festival to see Gasland. Overall, it was a pretty well-done documentary, with a good balance of humour and intrigue to keep the audience entertained and interested. After the showing, the producer came on stage to answer the audience’s questions. Seemed like there were a lot of gung-ho environmental activists amongst the crowd.

I’d be up for seeing another documentary next weekend if anyone’s interested (Sat only), I believe it’s the last weekend that Hot Docs will be in Toronto.

We went to Ka-Chi for um… my second lunch, then went around Honest Eds (that place is as random as ever haha) and Scarborough Town Centre before I got home to finally rest… and have dinner. Geez, I’ve felt famished the entire day. Just non-stop hunger.

Now I’m psyched for the work-week to begin! Have a good week, everyone!

Cheers! 🙂


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10 Apr

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