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Biking To Work Is The Bee’s Knees :]

5 May

W00t! I finally started biking to work! It takes me about 40 minutes each way, so I get a really good workout through it. Biking to work everyday (weather permitting) is one of my goals in May. I’m definitely going to keep this up. 🙂

Best Things About Biking To Work!

1. I get my share of vit D, sunshine and fresh air.

2. I arrive at work with a rosy glow on my cheeks and a Cheshire cat grin that makes my co-workers think that I got lucky the night before. 😉

3. I arrive at work energized and ready to go!

4. I get my exercise through my commute. And this is probably the only way I could ever bring myself to exercise in the morning. xD

5. I save on gas money and the environment. Yay! 😀

Worst Things About Biking To Work 😦

1. Some days when it’s hot, I arrive at work sweaty and nasty. Ew.

2. My bike seat is super hard and it really hurts my ass. I even bought a seat cushion, and it still hurts my ass. I just don’t have enough junk in my trunk to cushion myself. 😦

3. It’s only a matter of time before I get hit by an Asian lady driving a Honda in Markham.


Leavin’ The Lone Star State [Dallas Trip]

22 Apr

Last day in Dallas! Woke up to my rose still fresh and supple and a freshly brewed cup of  Starbucks courtesy of the hotel, and a pile of balloons that I took from the World Balloon Convention lying on my floor. 😀

By now, I’m kind of accustomed to getting up at 6am. There’s a freshness to the air that I could get used to. After the conference wrapped up mid-day, we had lunch at the hotel before heading to the airport. We were all so tired from the past 4 days that none of us were making any sense, lol.

We’re leaving all too soon though. I could’ve done with a couple of more days here, but it just wasn’t in the cards. And of course, Dallas finally decided to show me some sunshine on the day that I’m leaving. -___-”

The plane ride back was a lot better than the ride there, for some reason. Went souvenir shopping during the stopover, but couldn’t find a cowboy hat that fit my head. =( The adult hats were too big for me and the kid ones were too small, lol. P.S. the Detroit airport is really cool, it has this illuminated long pathway that kind of looks like a giant disco hall, lol.

Now that I’m back at work, I’m moving into a new office! This is perfect. I had just messed up my old office enough for me to consider cleaning it. Now, I can just pack up and leave instead to a brand new clean office, LOL.

And now I can finally be in a room with a window! It’s so nice… I’ve missed sunshine while I work. I also got a new fancy keyboard to replace my old one which was really gross cuz it had food bits all over it (yeah, I know, I’m nasty :().

I think I like this office enough to actually start decorating it. I’m going to work on putting up some pictures of my friends/fam soon!

Teehee, cheers!

Find Your D Spot [Dallas Trip]

22 Apr

2nd day exhibiting was grueling. Woke up at 6am and got to the conference at 7am. Was there until 7:30pm. Friggin’ exhausting. But strangely fun. A lot of weird stuff gets said when people get worked until delirious exhaustion. My boss started talking in his Sean Connery voice, which annoys me to no end, and I shouldn’t have told him that because now he uses it just to get under my skin. xD

Then, he started telling me about this really retarded technique used to pick up girls, and I was like no way, that doesn’t work, it’s so lame. So to prove it, we tried the technique at the conference, and it actually worked! LOL

Omg, so many fun memories from that day at the conference… priceless stuff. 😀

During our down time, I got to play with an armadillo, haha. Armadillos are actually very cute, and frisky as hell. I also got a Minnie Mouse hat because the conference is being held at Orlando, Florida next year!! Can’t wait for that one!

After the conference, we went out to a fish market. But it’s not what you would expect from a fish market at all. It was actually an  upscale restaurant with very good ambiance. Also, some of the best sushi I’ve ever had there. Oh man, I still remember the taste of the himachi jalapeno roll…. *droool*. My entree was sooo scrumptious… damn. Best damn fish I’ve ever had. Just thinking about it makes me sad because it’s gone, lol.

We decided to get a bottle of sake to accompany massive seafood dinner, and that really loosened up our tongues (as if we needed any more help in that department by that point). We pretty  much told each other our life stories (no exaggeration, man lol), and we talked about relationships and marriage and finding that right person… man, really really deep stuff. Sake talk, lol. Also, my boss revealed some neat tricks of the clubbing industry… stuff I wish I had known when I was actually into clubbing. xD

Another memorable night. 🙂 We had to call it an early night again because the next day is also a 6am day, so we just strolled around and took in the city, and packed it in.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas [Dallas Trip]

21 Apr

Sunday was supposed to be a relaxed day, since we were only exhibiting for an hour, but it was actually pretty demanding.

It took a long time to set up our exhibit, because we ran into a lot of unforeseen circumstances. But I just threw on the tunes from my laptop and sang and danced my way through it. Screw what the other people think, lol.

After setting up our exhibit, people started moseying in to check us out. I thought it was going to be dull and dry, but the conference was actually really packed and it was fun speaking to so many people. =D Healthcare people are surprisingly engaging and witty (no offense wrt what that implies about my original perception of healthcare people :P).

After the conference, we went to the cool conceirge lady, to ask her to recommend a place with authentic Mexican food. Her recommendation took us to Aca Y Alla Monica’s, in the outskirts of town. It was such a cozy and warm little establishment. The server was so Mexican that I couldn’t understand anything he was saying, even though he was speaking in full English, lol. I also had this really famous margarita called Frankie’s Top Shelf which had had secret ingredients in it that I couldn’t figure out from drinking it. 😀 It was really really really good.

I think the drinks loosened our tongues, because the table talk took a turn off-course. We started relaying our personal stories about clubbing and drinking parties and getting wasted out of our minds. All of us had some pretty interesting stories, haha. I found out that my boss is even more gangster than he seemed. His stories from the period in his life when he owned clubs and restaurants in downtown Toronto are crazy. I can’t even imagine how 180 it is for him to have ended up in the healthcare business from that.

After dinner, we went karaoke-ing for a while, with a few other people. My co-worker is pretty amazing at karaoke. You can tell that he frequents it, haha. My boss doesn’t sing. He’s too cool for that. 😛 And I don’t know how he pulled it off, but I realized by the end of the night that he didn’t sing one song. Sneaky one…

We had to leave pretty early though because we all had to wake up at 6am the next morning. =\

Live Large, Think Big [Dallas Trip]

21 Apr

Arriving in Dallas. We were greeted with thundershowers. 😦

At least it’s nice and warm here, feels kind of tropic. But boo the rain, means we won’t be able to walk around to explore at night. We shared a large taxi van with a few other people from the airport and the guy sitting next to me taught me a thing or two about Dallas. He told me that Dallas is very commerce-oriented and isn’t a party at all, and that I’ll have to go to Austin or something for that kind of ish. Boo.

When we finally got to our hotel, we found out that there was the Worl Balloon Convention was going on so there were giant balloon statues all over the place, haha! xD  I wanted to go see it, but it was already 9pm and we were all famished, so we went to our rooms to unpack and freshen up for dinner.

Based on the recommendation of this WONDERFUL lady at the concierge, we decided to go to Dakota’s Steakhouse, a really nice restaurant nearby. Even though it was close, we took a cab because it was pouring rain. The cab ride there was SO JOKES. The cab driver was so out of it, definitely on something, haha. It took him 5 minutes just to key in the address of the restaurant on the GPS, even though it was only like a 2 minute drive away. The ride only spanned like 3-4 streets, and two of them were one-way streets and he went the WRONG WAY on both of them! LOL I would’ve been really concerned for my safety if it weren’t for the fact that it was hilarious because my boss kept yelling at him to turn around but the cab driver was saying, don’t worry this’ll get you there faster! LOLL oh man… haha. It DID get us there a lot faster, but so dangerous. 😛

The restaurant we went to was really nice. It was underground and you have to take a golden elevator into the ground to get to the restaurant. It was also overlooking a small waterfall and there was a piano man providing ambiance music. The food was A-MAZ-ING! I had this crab cake appetizer that zomg just melted in my mouth, it was so tender and juicy. I was the only one who didn’t get steak. I got the buffalo dish and it was the first time I’ve had real buffalo. I’m not so much into game, but the dish was pretty satisfying, so can’t complain. =D

By the time we finished dinner, it was already 11ish, so we just walked around a bit since the rain had died down by then. Apparently there was nothing to do near our area except sports bars and clubs and I want to watch the game or club with my boss (how awkward is that, lol), so we turned in for the night.

So now, I’m just chilling in my room watching anime on TV (Bleach & FMA), while ironing my clothes for tomorrow and jumping between the beds, lol.

Hotel room’s pretty nice. It’s just a Sheraton, which is a lower class hotel than the Westin that I stayed at last time, but this one is actually nicer than the Westin because it’s a new hotel, so the decor is more modern. Plus it’s got fancy mandarin and mint shampoo and body lotion, which I’m feeling lolz.

Gonna finish up some work and call it a night pretty soon. Waking up at 7:30am tomorrow.